Tulao'otupu, New Shasheer - 4

Flower frantically dived into the BBS to look for names, addresses, telephone numbers, anything!
The BBS was quite coy about giving out the sysop's name. There was an address which matched what was on the envelope, but no telephone numbers. There was, however, an "electronic mail" (email) option that would go straight to the sysop.

With tears in her eyes and fingers that were shaking, Flower wrote into the message screen for the email:
"Is that you, sweet sweet pretty Alexsa!? Is that you!? This is Flower..."

We now turn it back over to Alex again to take it from here in his words...

* - * - *

"Is that you, sweet sweet pretty Alexsa!? Is that you!? This is Flower! Please answer fast fast!""

An email message heard around my world!

When I read it, I almost went into shock! I couldn't believe it! After all these years! Could it truly be!..."

I was in San Francisco at the time. It was Saturday, one of my weekend days off. Monday would start another round of flights that would take me to Honolulu, Papeete Tahiti, Guam, Honolulu and back to San Francisco. Each leg of that takes up one day. It just does fill a 5-day work week.

I had to call long distance to log on to my own BBS in Colorado Springs. Every week I log into both BBSes that I ran, the one in San Francisco, and the one in Colorado Springs, to check for email. And to check to see if the computer in Colorado Springs was running properly.

The email that had me in its grips was dated 3 days ago! Eeek! And she said "fast fast"!

With fingers shaking, I rattled off an email as fast as I could. I sent 3 of them, with the same text. Then a fourth asking for a telephone number. Oh man! And I had only until Sunday to get a reply! I sent a 5th email asking her to send a telephone number then wait by the telephone. I also gave her MY telephone number. I said that I had to fly all week starting early Monday.
Man! All I can say is that it is a good thing I didn't have to fly that day! I couldn't have handled the controls of the plane! My hands were shaking so bad!

Then I called my parents. I asked them if any strange telephone calls came in, or any kind of letter. They said no, but there were 5 requests for photographic copies of my drawings. I asked my parents to find all those addresses...

You see, when I wasn't there, I had everything set up so that my parents would mail out a picture when a letter or automatic printout from the printer asked for it. Three letters were ordinary paper kind, asking for pictures. Then two pictures, ordered by the same person apparently, had come over the printer. You see, I had recently programmed into my BBS an "online" order screen which would save the time of the letter being mailed to me, so that they would only have to wait for the mailing of the pictures to them. My parents were to check for printouts every day, every chance they got. Also they were to turn off then on the computer if they noticed that it was locked up. They said they had to reset it some 5 times since I was last there 2 months ago. Dam! I don't know why it keeps doing that.

So anyway, they read off the address of the printout from the printer. They had trouble pronouncing the Vietnamese name. For "Nguyen Hue Bich", they read "N-Gu-yin hugh bitch". Dam, man! Like, learn to read Vietnamese! But still I almost recognized it from just that. I asked them to spell it, however, to make sure. I wrote it down. The proper pronunciation, "Winn Hway Beek". By gad-almighty, that's her! Oh man! I was besides myself! I could scarce control my bodily movements.

In what must have been confusing and incoherent speech, I got across to my parents that the order they filled was possibly for my long lost love, and that I possibly had just received an email from her. They were excited and happy for me, and promised to be on the lookout for any letters or calls.

After that, I sat up, and I sat down, I even thought of leaving town! Agh! I didn't know what the hell to do with myself. Nothing would move fast enough. I had to wait, though, that's all there was to it.

I must have paced a trough in the floor. Finally I went outside to walk. It took until evening (a few hours) for me to settle down enough to get over shaking. When I returned, I called my parents to make sure they hadn't tried to call with anything. Of course they hadn't.

I checked the BBS to see if there was an answer to my reply. There was none. But, okay, okay, don't worry. Just been a few hours. It's Saturday. She's just out for a weekend outing or something. Maybe in the morning...

I make supper for myself every evening. That night, however, because my mind just was not on what I was doing, I kept forgetting what I was doing or what I had done, and it took me 2 hours to prepare a meal that usually just takes half an hour.

I checked my BBS in Colorado Springs again that evening, but no reply yet. Boy I was racking up the long distance charges now!

Tossing and turning in bed, it took a while to fall asleep. But when I did sleep, I guess I was exhausted from the excitement because I slept until very late. When I awoke, which was due to the telephone ringing, it was 11 a.m.

I stumbled out of bed and answered the telephone with my usual "hello", and...
it was Flower!

"Pretty Alexsa!? I make sure is you! Remember me?"

I must have sounded like a blubbering idiot, going like, "Yeah, yeah... it's you! I mean like... Really!? I... I..."
"Slow down, pretty Alexsa! Take a breath! Calm! Calm..."

Her strong, pretty voice did calm me. So unbelievably happy I was! I..., well... even now, writing this I have to calm down. I do believe that must have been the most joyous time of my life.

My tall, strong queen continued, "Now, pretty Alexsa, I ask few questions, you answer. Is test..."
"Okay! Okay!", I replied breathlessly.
"How did we meet?"
"Uh... the island... Close to Malaysia... you were North Vietnamese fighter pilot... I... you..."
"Good enough, pretty boy! Now, what is my name? Uh, other name than Flower..."
"Nguyen Hue Bich!", (Winn Hway Beek) I replied. I even took care to pronounce the "B" in Bich the Vietnamese way. It's... hard to explain. It's slightly different from the English way of pronouncing "B."
"Very good, Pretty! Now, what color are my eyes? My hair?"

I thought, who is she kidding? Everyone knows an Asian woman's eyes are brown and her hair is black. But whatever, I answered, "Uh, um... your eyes are beautiful dark brown, and your hair is smooth, shining, beautiful deepest black I ever seen and..."
"WRONG! Too bad! You must not be my pretty Alexsa after all. Bye-bye!"
"WAIT! PLEASE!...", I desperately begged.

I heard her guffaw loudly. She then replied, "Is joke, pretty Alexsa! I joke you! I know is you, pretty Alexsa!", then she laughed some more.

Hah-hah, just like her to abuse me a bit and push me around! Already I could sense the welcome feel of her love, warmth, care, and command over me. It was so comforting!

But I wondered... wrong? So I asked my beloved Mistress, "Uh, uh, why is... but, um... Okay, okay! You got me!"
"You so cute, pretty Alexsa!", Flower laughed. That imp!
I then asked, "But, how can I be wrong when I said your eyes are brown and your hair is black?"
"Hah-hah! Pretty Alexsa! My eyes are yet still brown, but my hair is deep purple! Very dark, deep purple! Still long! Still smooth! You wait see! Is pretty!"
"You mean, you colored it or something?"
"Not big change, pretty Alexsa, not do peroxide. Only add purple. In dark room, my hair is black. In sun, sometimes my hair dark purple. Also shines purple..."
"Wow, that sounds lovely!"
Flower then ordered sternly, "You come to me, pretty Alexsa! Now! We together forever! Obey me! I take care of you!"

Hah-hah-hah! That's Flower, alright! Those famous words! But, I had a problem with work...

"Oh Flower, I love, love, LOVE to come to you, right now! But, my job; I have to fly that Pacific route loop! It'll take all week! I don't think they will let me take days off that quick..."
"You put ANYthing else before me!? BYE-BYE!"
"NO! WAIT! Okay, okay! I'll fly there now! I'll..."

But that cotton-pickin' imp! I tell you what! Once again I heard very loud guffawing. That woman got me again!

"Oh! Hah-hah-hah! You so cute, pretty Alexsa!", she laughed.
She continued in a warm tone, "If your job is problem, make arrange with them. Then come to me immediately!"
"Oh, yes! Yes!", I replied enthusiastically.
Flower then asked, "You say something interesting. You say you 'fly Pacific... what... route', you mean what?"
"Oh, oh, that! Well, I'm an airlines pilot and navigator now. Uh, co-pilot that is. I have a route that takes me over several Pacific ocean places. Like Tahiti and such..."
"So you airlines pilot? Very good, pretty Alexsa! Now you not carry bomb. You carry people! Very good, Alexsa. I proud you!"
Oh! That sounded so good coming from Flower!

She asked, "When you most soon can come to me?"
"I'll tell my supervisors at work that there's an urgent family matter and I must get next week off. Then I'll have a full week with you!"
"Next week? That so long time! I want you in me, pretty Alexsa! I want you in me big much!"
Wow! I couldn't believe what she was saying! I stupidly asked, "In you? What do you mean by that?"
"Fuck! Pretty boy! I want to fuck you! I want to fuck and fuck and fuck you! Forever! My cunt hungry for pretty Alexsa!"

Wow! Good heavens! That horny bitch was getting to me even over the telephone! And where'd she learn that language!? Her English was still heavily accented, but already she knew those words! Well, that imp already knew the word "fuck" even way back when we were on that island. I just wonder where a foreigner learns those things because they are generally not in English text books and dictionaries.

Well, so I answered, "Oh man! And I want to be in you! In your arms! In your legs! In your cunt! But I just can't..."
"Is okay, pretty Alexsa! Now too late, almost noon Sunday. Tomorrow you work. Um, what time?"
"Oh, early! I have to leave the apartment like 7 a.m!"
"I understand, sweet, pretty Alexsa! You not worry. I just joke! I wait for you! You come to me on Saturday or Sunday. Then I fuck and fuck and fuck you, take care of you, and we play, and then I fuck and fuck and fuck you! You like not like?"
Flower laughed hard then replied, "Okay, cute, cute, pretty Alexsa!"...

After that, we traded addresses, more telephone numbers (work) and asked about each other's doings over the past several years. I found it fascinating and kind of sexy that big, tall, statuesque Flower had become a mover, of all things. She found it fascinating that I was a pilot, a fairly good artist, and operated BBSes.

It was hard to hang up finally, but after an hour, her telephone bill (since she called me) was getting pretty big. She gave me final, stern orders to fail not to go to her next Saturday or Sunday. Oh man! Like, no problem!

Man, I was so joyous the rest of the day that I was almost insane. I didn't know what I was doing. I'd run into things. I burnt supper after taking two scatter-brained hours to prepare it. It normally just takes 30 minutes.

It was 11 p.m., late for me for Sunday night, having to awake at 5:30. But I just wasn't able to sleep until then...

Then the telephone rang. It was Flower! And man! I tell you what!...

An obviously heavily horny, burning Flower huffed and breathed into the telephone, "I want you hear me FUCK, pretty Alexsa! I pretend fuck you!" And that's the first thing she said! No hello, no nothing; just, I mean, straight to it!
And then that sex perve began huffing and uttering groans, and I could hear the sound of something getting humped upon. She kept that up until she was screeching. I had to hold the receiver away from my ear some because it became so loud!

Flower screeched and screeched and finally simmered down. Out of breath and panting, she said with a lot of blowing sounds in the telephone, "I FUCK you like that, pretty Alexsa! When you come here, I fuck you hard and long! Fuck you pretty Alexsa! FUCK! FUCK!"
"WOWEE WOW!", I senselessly muttered, mesmerized.
Flower huffed and blew, "I love you, pretty Alex! I cannot wait you come! I will fuck you hard, pretty Alexsa! You have so pretty body! I want to fuck you, Alexsa!"
"Wow! Good heavens! Man! I can't wait to go there to you too!", I blabbered out in a mesmerized condition.
"Okay, sweet, pretty Alexsa! I know is too late for you. I hang up now. You sleep, pretty Alexsa! And know this: I will pretend fuck you some more after I hang up. But you sleep now, pretty boy. I will take care of you when you come! Bye..."
"...bye...", I steamed. Good heavens, lord a-mercy!

Gad-dang! After hearing that, I had a hardon that reached the ceiling! I normally slept in pajamas, and boy did they ever have a tent built up in the crotch of them then!

Then, I had to try and get to sleep. I had finally gotten sleepy just before that horny imp called. Gees, thanks a lot, woman!
I laid down with a big, heavy post over my lower abdomen that was leaking prefuck juice into my navel and hurting. I had to use all of my willpower to ignore that piano falling on my head and get to sleep. Lots of luck!

As I thought I would, I had a hard time getting out of bed. It was a hurried breakfast and rushed commute to get there on time. There are all sorts of things a pilot must do before a flight even starts. And of course, priority on the list was to see a supervisor about time off next week.

After I said it was for a family urgency, he asked what it was for, thus, "What is the urgency? Parents ill? A funeral?"

Yuck! All negative stuff! And I didn't want to lie that it was one of those, lest it become true! I told him, "Someone I love very, very, tremendously much finally found me over the weekend after being lost many years, and I have just got to see her next week. I want to do so now, but I know that is too short a notice."
"I'm glad you understand our situation", he agreed, "So yes, I don't see why you can't have that week off next week. Will you... be getting married?"
"Uh, um, later! We'll plan something like that with plenty of notice.", I replied.
For some reason, as much as I love her, I hadn't thought of marriage. Hm, that's weird...

But anyway, he was totally agreeable. I had next week off. I went straight to a ticket counter and booked a flight from San Francisco to Colorado Springs for Saturday. Then I was off to "preflight" and all the other bobboly-goop that a pilot does before takeoff.

That day, I was kinda glad I was co-pilot. Being the chief pilot or captain would put a lot more responsibility on me, and I don't think I was up for it. I just could not tear my thoughts away from Flower.

During the quieter times of mid flight, I stared out over that vast blue Pacific from 35,000 feet and daydreamed away about Flower and the extremely weird way we met. I also thought about the highly unusual aspects of our relationship. The way Flower absolutely takes over me; and I'm totally submissive to it. She seems to want to shelter me and... stuff like that. I let her abuse me... well, it's play-abuse, but it gets rather rough. She throws me around, jumps on top of me and, if my member isn't "up", she "rapes" me by masturbating on my hip. Out and about, she leads me around, yanks me by the arm sometimes, and generally keeps tight control on me. And I love every moment of it! No other man would take that. For that matter, no other woman would be willing to be that way with me. Looks like we were meant for each other. But... so strange... must be some odd spirit thing going on...
I was into spiritualism those days. Meditation, going out of body, past lives... Flower must certainly figure prominently in my past lives. But then, a lot of people are married to someone who was with them in their past lives. But their relationship is not so unusual...

"Hey! Captain to space command! Come in!" the captain joked with me!
"Oh! Oh, yes sir! What's up?", I replied hastily, clearing my head and "coming back" to earth.
"Hah-hah! You are! In orbit up there! What's up with you?"

Well, I had no reason to lie or cover up. I told him that someone I loved but had been separated from for years had found me, and that next week I was going to see her. Of course he readily understood that!

Well; Monday, San Francisco to Honolulu; Tuesday, Honolulu to Papeete; Wednesday, Papeete to Guam; Thursday, Guam to Honolulu; and Friday, Honolulu to San Francisco. By those last two days, I had finally wore down my "daydreaming circuits", so I was actually paying attention to what I was doing better. That is, untill toward the end of the flight to San Francisco, when, due to the nearness of the time I would actually be going to see Flower, that circuit was starting up again. But the crowded skies around San Francisco International Airport kept me busy and drove the daydreaming out.
But man, after landing, then I was fighting it. And there are always a bunch of things a pilot does after completing a flight, especially a week of flights.

I was finally home about 8 p.m. I did my exercises... yes, been doing those all along. Mild weight lifting and cycling whenever I could. On Hawaii, Papeete, and Guam, it is possible to rent bicycles and ride around. On some of those islands, dogs run around loose. In town it is okay. But try to ride in the country between towns and, all I can say, bring a modified Tec 9 or a Glock 18 or something (machine pistols), because those cretins come at you in packs! Besides, usually the roads are dirt which just isn't any fun. The best bike riding is in Hawaii where dogs are better controlled and most streets are paved. However, there are more cars. Now why in the dam hell does one want automobiles on an island that is hardly 30 miles long!? I could get across an island like that in a sneeze on a bicycle, if it wasn't for the menace of cars.

So, I kept myself in shape for all those years with the primary driving force being my hopes of seeing Flower again. She seemed to like my body, slender and lightweight it is, but fit, and I just wanted to keep it that way, or maybe even make it a little better.

So I completed exercises and had supper and checked my BBSes. There was an email from Flower:
- - - - -
Sweet, pretty Alexsa,
This is Flower!
I wait you come then we FUCK! I FUCK you, pretty Alexsa! I drain all fuck juice of your balls, then fuck on your hips! I fuck everywhere on you! I give you bath in my cunt juice! My cunt will eat your cock and eat all of you! I stuff you in my cunt, pretty Alexsa, then you not can separate.
I pretend fuck you before I write this. I pretend fuck you now! I pretend fuck you after I write this!
I will fuck you and fuck you and fuck you, pretty Alexsa! Your body so pretty, Alexsa. I will FUCK your pretty, body, pretty boy Alexsa! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!
My cunt aches and burns for pretty Alexsa pretty body! FUCK!
If you not come, I will hunt you and rape you, pretty Alexsa! You come, Saturday! Sunday latest!
Your body so pretty, your body FUCKABLE! Your body fuckable, Alexsa!
I LOVE you, pretty, fuckable Alexsa! I take care of you! I kiss you all over, pretty Alexsa!
Fuckablely yours,
- - - - -

Lord have mercy! That is one horny lady! Land sakes! That email is almost scary! Let's see... maybe it is scary. She's bigger than me. And she's going nuts with horniness. Hmm. And she is dominant! Make no mistake about it!

I called my parents and told them I was on my way, but I might make a stop first. Then I called Flower. I had to listen to heavy breathing and breathy vivid descriptions of how she was going to fuck me or masturbate on me. Man! If I was a woman and she was a man, I'd be worried for my safety. For that matter, I was still worried for my safety!

I packed for the trip and laid out clothes I was going to wear tomorrow; low-riding blue-jeans and a tank-top that just did show a bit of stomach if not pulled down regularly. But until I actually got close to her house, I wore a regular shirt over it. Yeah, just not bold enough to go around like that in the airport, seated in the flight, airport again, picking up rental car, and so on.

So the next morning came and I was ready. The flight was 11 a.m., not too early. Funny, when a pilot of an airlines is then a passenger; I tend to notice how the plane is being handled, how he does the take off flare, when the engines are throttled back a bit after takeoff, and all sorts of other little details.

Interestingly, her address was right along a well known bicycle route that I often use my pedal-car on. I thought about going to my parent's house first and riding it there, but no, not enough time, and it does make one sweat. I wanted to be "fuck-ready" for my beloved Flower to enjoy.

Before I drove up to her house, which was a small place in the country with the bicycle route right behind it, I took that outer shirt off so that I was just in the tank-top and jeans. When I got out of the car, it was delightfully cool. An early front had come through, apparently. It was shortly after 4 p.m.

Well, at long last, there I was, approaching the door of Flower's house. I was almost nervous. Well, I was fully nervous! What would she be like? After several years... She mentioned purple hair... Well, I would soon find out.

I knocked on her door...

It was a wood frame house and so activity inside could be heard while waiting outside. I heard heavy, running footsteps. "WHOOSH!", went the door as it was swung open so hard, the suction almost pulled me forward.

And there before me stood, spread legged and buck naked, Nguyen Hue Bich, better known to me as Flower, looking wild and fierce. Her hair, still long, smooth and flowing, and black, was strewn across her face and blowing. A joyous but wild look was on her face, almost crazed.

"PRETTY FUCK ALEXSA!", she exclaimed. She grabbed me by the arm and yanked me in. She pulled me from the door and felt me over.
"Mmmm! You even prettier! Pretty Alexsa, your body even prettier!"
I began, "Yeah, I was hoping you'd..."
"TAKE THIS OFF!", she demanded as she grabbed the bottom hem of my tank top and pulled it up over my head. I raised my arms to accommodate. She tossed the tank top aside. She then grabbed me, turned me around, and hugged me with my back against her bare bosom. Her tits poked into my back. She felt all over my chest and abs. Her long black hair draped over my shoulders as if it were mine. Her chin chucked over my shoulder and her head nuzzled mine. Her hands probed under the waist of my jeans. Her fingers touched my growing member.

"Mmmm! Take this one off!!!", she demanded. She pulled down at my pants. I unbuckled them. By the way, her front door was still hanging open. It let in refreshing air, but we were visible from the road.

"Pretty Alexsa so pretty body!", she huffed into my ear. Her breath was hot as she continued and asked, "But where is your little under-pants? You only wear jeans and t-shirt?"
As she yanked me around, I answered, "Those low riding jeans are so tight and close, I don't need underwear."
"Is sexy! Pretty Alexsa, is sexy! I like!"
"Then why did you rip them off?"
"In my home, you naked. We go out, you wear those!"

She reached and pushed the front door shut and locked it. She dragged me to her nearby bed and threw me on it. She climbed up over me. Her labias were swollen and seeping juice. Then she changed her mind. She grabbed me again, picked me up and pulled me over to where she had a plush throw-rug. She laid me on that, on my back. Then she straddled me. She lowered her steaming cunt to my cock tip and backed up, pushing it in. It did not go in readily, as it was not completely hard. I was quite frankly intimidated by all this. But once it burrowed in her hot, slicked up hole, it hardened up right away. Then her cunt feasted. She humped furiously and within seconds was screeching as orgasm tore through her.

Well, that was the opening salvo of what was to be over 2 hours of furious fucking and then masturbation. Just as her email promised and also when I called her, she literally drained my balls. I managed 3 ejaculating orgasms before I was spent. Then I was her masturbation rag. I was raped! Or as close as it can come to a rape when a woman does it to a man. She blistered both my hips humping and rubbing her cunt on them. Very little was spoken between us except, "FUCK!" uttered by Flower several times and "Oooo FEEL SO GOOD!", "FUCK ALEXSA!", and other utterances.

She was insane with sex. After wearing me out as a masturbation rag, she grabbed a sawhorse, a device for holding boards or plywood as one saws them, and attached to it what appeared to be an erected cock made of wood. It was sheathed with a condom, and it was one of those types with bumps. She clamped it to the sawhorse and then began masturbating on it.

Then she stopped, grabbed me, threw me on her bed, then went back to the sawhorse and the artificial cock. She positioned it so that when she humps on it, I had a full view of her crotch with that cock penetrating. She spread those big, long, brown legs and lowered herself to that thing, backed up, and the entirety of that 6-inch artificial cock was swallowed up by her voracious cunt. Man, what a show! She hammered on that thing, screeching, yelling, and the sawhorse was creaking and being bent badly. It was taking a pounding. Man! Had she done that to me, she would have broken something. So she was already going easy on me. When she screeched, copious amounts of cunt juice would squish out.

After one orgasm, she shifted the sawhorse around and began humping again. This have me a side view. And what a view! Man, her flexing abs while she humped, the triceps in her arms bulging tight as she braced herself on the sawhorse while she humped. She would glance at me, sidelong glances especially, smile impishly and continue thrashing away. She screeched in orgasm and continued on still. She shifted the sawhorse back a bit to give me a three-quarters rear view. That gave me a close look at the artificial cock being swallowed by her labias again. Good-gads! Her cunt is awesome!

Seeing I had a hardon again, thanks to her show, she jumped on her bed and drilled down on me. Once again, I was being humped. Due to 3 other ejaculations, my cock stayed hard a long time, giving her time for plenty of orgasms. I finally ejaculated, but it was a dry shot. My balls were really and truly drained! Then she masturbated on my hips some more.

Finally, finally, after well over 2 hours of that, the big gal finally had enough. She fell asleep atop me. Her head was beside mine, kind of just leaning down on the mattress. She was passed out. Her hair was all over my face. I almost could not see anything through all that black, smooth hair. And indeed, I had been given a "bath" in her cunt juice. It was all over me. Her cunt juice was all over everything else. On the throw rug over there, all over the sawhorse, drops of it on the floor, and on her bed. But she was bushed and did not bother to clean up. She slept atop me. I was buried underneath Flower.

After a few minutes, she rolled off me and pulled me into her bosom and held me. Her big legs hugged me below. Her wet cunt pressed against my hip. After some dainty kisses, she fell asleep. Warm, cozy, and snug in her arms again, after so long, I fell into blissful sleep too.

It was completely dark outside and 10 p.m. She stirred, saying in sleepy tones, "I cook for you now, pretty Alexsa. Mmmm! I love you! I not want to leave you. Come with me!"

I accompanied her while she prepared and cooked. I began to help, but no, she just wanted me to cling to her back. So I did. Naked and barefooted as she was, I just kind of leaned on and clung to her back as she went through the procedures of cooking a meal. When standing still cutting something, I lay upon her broad, strong back and laid my head on her shoulder. Her long, thick, smooth hair was soft, and quite comfortable to lay on. My worn-down cock just naturally "fell" into the crevice of her well-built butt. That stimulated it some and it began to get, um... rubbery. Sort of partially erected. My hands went around to her tummy and I felt over her abs. I avoided her breasts and tits, or that might get her going again. Once she pulled my hand and placed it over a tit and I held it. She moaned softly and stopped what she was doing to enjoy. When I let it go, she did not force me there again, but got back to preparing supper. I think she too knew not to get into that now, or supper would never be done.

I began to notice the deep violet sheen in her hair. Under the fairly bright fluorescent light of the kitchen, I could see it. If the light glint off of it just right, I could clearly see the violet. It was subtle, mixed in just right. I liked it.

"I love the violet touch to your hair, Flower!", I complimented.
"Aww, sweet, pretty Alex! I know you would like it!"

We had a nice supper, just staring at each other and giggling. I told her "I love you so much!" several times.
She said several times and in different ways, "I love you, pretty, sexy, Alexsa. Your body so pretty!", and so on like that.

Flower too was even more than before. She was stronger for one thing. She was a full 170 pounds now, no longer 160. I was 150. She was the stronger. And she knew it, and acted it. She was dominant, I was submissive.

We bathed together and then went to bed. Keeping one light on very low so we could see each other, we both just indulged ourselves into each other. She "raped" me repeatedly, and during her quiet times, I buried my face in her lustrous hair and thoroughly enjoyed being in her bosom.

Well, so there! Flower and I were together again!

The next day, at one point Flower administered a playful spanking on my bare butt. She was "punishing" me for failing to find her sooner! It is just another example of her playing rough with me.

Next day of that week I was introduced to her best friends, Yvonne and Jane, who were also workers for her moving business. Those two made me nervous. I never saw such huge women. I mean, they had like... well Yvonne had 25-inch arms and Jane had arms that were nearly 30 inches. Their muscles bulged and rippled. They were easily way stronger than either Flower or me.

But Flower controlled them with sweetness. I never saw such a thing. Flower melted into their arms, and they held her tenderly. They took turns. In fact, they sometimes argued over who would hold Flower, sometimes even coming to shoving. Flower would have to intervene and calm them down.

Flower boldly let me watch while she fisted one of them, then the other. Wow! What a show that was! Herenui already described above.

They had moved out, living in their own places nearby, separate from one another. They had each managed to find a man, but that had been difficult for them. Like Flower, they are dominant. For some reason, however, they are submissive around Flower. Strange how Flower can control them like that. Like I said, she literally controls them with sweetness. They love her and will do anything for her.
So they are dominant to their men, and so they had to find a man willing to be submissive with them. Finding a truly submissive man is not easy. And they wanted him to be fit. They liked me a lot, but oooo! No touchy! They knew to keep their big hands off Flower's property! They looked me up and down like someone drooling over a cake. They kept staring. They made me nervous. But they left me alone completely.

At about mid week, I took her to my parents' house. It was the first time we went anywhere. Indeed, she made me wear the low-riding jeans and tank top. Nothing else. That shirt I wore over them when I was coming? NO WAY! I had to hide that shirt lest she burn it. She dressed in a dazzling ao dai with one change; it had no pants that usually go underneath, and it was sleeveless. That showed off Flower's beautiful, shapely arms. A little more muscular than most men would like perhaps, but I found them sexy. Anyway, so she just had the long dress split all the way to her waist. No undies. If the wind blew right, you could see her "pleasure equipment." She also brought along very brief short-shorts and brief tank top in case we went cycling.
When we go there, it was Meet my parents, see my BBS (just a computer sitting there) and... my pedal car.

Flower took on look at the pedal car and exclaimed something in Vietnamese then exclaimed, "It is one I saw! (GASP!) Was that you! Years ago! I... you did... I..."

I never saw that big, dominant, in-control Flower get like that before.
"What is it, Mistress?" (I was calling her mistress sometimes. She didn't know what it meant exactly, but she liked it.)
With shaky voice, Flower asked, "Many year ago, did you almost hit tall woman when riding in this?"
"Did I almost hit... a tall woman...", I repeated in a mumble...
Then it came to me. I replied, "Yes! YES! Indeed I did! I was riding on that bicycle route and, suddenly, a tall, good looking woman stepped out into the road! I almost did hit her! I swerved. I went up on two wheels even. I almost rolled. But... how did you know?"
With a shaky voice again, Flower asked, "Is this... pedal car, the only one in... Colorado Springs?"
"Probably. I've seen no other!"
"Tall woman was me! Many years ago, if know, we would together again, that time!"
"My, my...", I breathed, "Could that be..."
"I mad! I yell at you! You scared, go away fast. Oh! My pretty Alexsa! I am sorry! I sorry!"

The big gal cried and pulled me into her arms and held me tight. She bawled more and cried, "I big, mean, yell at you and scared my pretty Alexsa! You so delicate! I scare you! If not, we already together!"

She held me so tight, I could hardly breathe. My face was buried in her long, luxurious hair. Even I teared up, but I consoled, "No, no, Flower. I should have stopped and apologized. Then I would have seen it was you!"
But she insisted, crying, "You not stop because you scare of big, yelling, mean woman!"
"No, no!", I insisted.

Well she cried and cried and held me tight. I rubbed her big back and tried to console her and calm her down. I think she was aghast at the fact that we could have already been together all this time.

As she seemed to calm down, I urged gently, "Come on, Mistress, lets walk. Let's just walk, okay? It's nice out there."

Many many years ago, long before the incident of nearly hitting her with the pedal car, these same trails consoled me when I lost Flower before. Now they helped me console her. There's something about nature... I can't put my thumb on it. At least for me there is. And for Flower.

The two of us sat in the grass way out there. She finally settled. We lay in the grass in each other's embrace.

Flower's embrace of me progressed to feeling me up, then she stripped my tank top and jeans off, she tossed the front panel of her split dress aside and, yep, we fucked our heads off. Eventually Flower completely removed her ao dai. With both of us naked again, we fucked some more and she masturbated on my hip.
Though she came to tears briefly about it a few more times, all was okay after that. But dam! It kinda bothers me too. Makes me ill in the stomach if I think about it too much. The trick is, don't think about it! Just go forward from there.

I had to be coy around my parents as to why Flower and I came back so... dirty... covered with grass and straw. Flower and I both took a brief shower... separately. There was some giggling in the process.

Well, we did not get any cycling done, but, later. Later. Besides, I was going to get a pedal-car for Flower because she wanted one very much.

We got home late from my parents' place. Since we already had supper, we just snacked a bit, showered together, and went to bed. And had much fun! I don't think details are necessary by now!

The end of the week was coming and something had to be decided on who was going to move in with who. Flower really was going to enforce her ban against separating. She had ordered, "Pretty Alexsa, you shall never again go further than 50 feet from me. If you do, I will run and grab you and spank your pretty little butt until its red!"
And she could and would do it too! When she spanked me in fun over failing to find her sooner, it stung! So she can get serious with that, believe me!

An unstoppable force was closing in on an immovable object. Flower was not going to allow another separation. But I had get back on that plane to San Francisco and report to work on Monday for my Pacific routes. I profusely offered for her to come home with me.

"I must manage my moving business", Flower explained, "I already took one week off. I might take second week, but not wise."
"Can Yvonne and Jane handle it for a week or two? Or, OR, could you sell the business to them? No, wait, they probably don't have the money..."
"They too dumb", Flower simply, matter-of-factly explained, "Maybe Jane, just, just little can manage. But Yvonne is much dumb. Also, Jane and Yvonne always fight."

I chuckled at Flower's frank assessment of Yvonne and Jane. They had muscle, and they loved Flower, but brains; maybe not so much.

Flower and I also discussed selling her moving business.

"I had many men come to me and want to buy. But I worry for Yvonne and Jane. What they do if I have no business for them?" She inisted to me again, "Why not you quit and come here? I take care of you!"

Obviously, Flower is dominant. It would be natural for her to desire to keep her business, which was doing well, and therefore be in control. She also genuinely loved Yvonne and Jane. She worried what they would do without Flower's business to give them a job. Oh, they might find other laboring jobs. But they would not be paid or treated nearly as good as they are with Flower. Hmm, a conundrum indeed. I kinda hated to interfere with it."

"Okay, okay. How's this...", I suggested, "Sell your moving business here. Drive a hard bargain. If those guys want it and it is doing well, make them pay for it. Big time! Then take that money, and you move with me to San Francisco, and tell Yvonne and Jane to come, and use that money to start another, even better moving business in San Francisco. There's a lot more opportunity. There are local moves going on all the time there! Businesses, homes; Always moving, moving, moving. In the mean time, there is just no way I can wiggle out of my responsibilities so soon. Please? Don't you see?"

Flower is also intelligent. She may feign a lack of intelligence to trick someone. I think she even speaks a broken English just for me, because I find it cute. She took a telephone call once from someone inquiring about a move. While speaking with that possible future client, she spoke nearly perfect English. Hah! "Me Vietnam girl love you"-indeed! After all these years and her intelligence; her English is good! Believe it. But, she is right. I do find her broken English cute, put on though it may be.

But anyway, her intelligence won out over her desire to remain dominant. "Yes... yes... perhaps that could be done. Yes. I will drive hard bargain! And I take Yvonne and Jane with me. They too dumb live without me."

Flower also pointed out that living in San Francisco is more expensive, especially the rents. But then she could charge more per move service. Flower would live with me of course. I would not want her assistance with rent. Then she could use her financial proceeds from the sale to find housing for Yvonne and Jane so that they will be available for when she gets her business started.

But still, gad-dammit. We had to separate. Again! Just for a short time. She could not sell her business right away just like that. Especially if she did drive a hard bargain.

She modified her rule to temporarily accommodate this transitional period. She also made the exception for "when I'm on duty on my piloting routes", then separation of more than 50 feet is allowed. But other than that, nothin' doin'! I was to stay within a 50-foot radius of Flower.
Okay, that was settled.

But, agghhh! Then came Sunday and I had to catch the flight back to San Francisco. You may as well pulled all my teeth! And she cried again. Oh! That does not help!

Those gad-damned weeks dragged by. I had flights booked ahead of time, for the next four weeks of weekends. EARLY Saturday morning flight to Colorado Springs and rental car to Flower's home. Every weekend. Then late Sunday back. Got expensive, but it was worth more than every penny! That routine "got old", but after 7 weeks, sooner than I expected actually, Flower finally sold the business for a good price. She got a good deal of money for selling both the truck itself and the business. The truck, by the way, was not the same one she started with. This was a newer model. Now, with this money, she could buy a brand new box truck, although she said she would go for late-model pre-owned.

So, Flower and I were finally together to stay together! She began her new moving business the same humble way as before. Just two big (and dumb, according to Flower) muscle gals, a smart gal, and a truck. She tried to keep it low key, but within weeks, demand for her unusual moving company quickly booked her up continuously. Just think of it. The movers come to your home or business, and you have a 6-foot-2-inch tall Asian dressed in a flowing ao dai, has hair that shimmers violet in certain light, and she bosses two huge muscle women who dress very skimpy. Man! That's a show as well as a moving service. I'd hire that myself!
Well anyway, since I was gone all the week anyway, she may as well be busy during that time, rather than missing me. And, she could invite Yvonne and Jane over for "lady fun", if you know what I mean... staring that frisky little fist that Flower wields.

Well, so, once again, my part of telling this account is done, although the account itself certainly isn't. Things really get interesting now. The preceding was to tell you how the Alex/Nguyen Hue Bich team came together. It was a few years after her move when we really began to stir things up.

Nguyen Hue Bich, Flower, all but took over my BBSes. Then came the Compuserve days which gave her more tools...

And now, Herenui will take it from here.

Herenui, take it away!

* - * - *

Nguyen Hue Bich indeed took full control of Alex's BBSes. She built upon the following he already had based on his muscle-woman drawings and stories. All the original material was kept, but it was lower down on the menu.

Flower was quick to learn about computers and running BBSes, and later, getting around on Compuserve. She hatched an interesting campaign which Alex totally agreed with. Alex later became the lead writer of the material for it because of his greater familiarity with English.

This was the embryonic stages of our island nation of Tulao'otupu, or New Shasheer.
Buckle your seat belts because we are going to speed through time and events that, supplied with energy from the intense love between Alex and Flower, developed into a special land for a tiny percentage of us that before were scattered all over the Earth. We found each other in that new land.

Perhaps not even Flower or Alex knew what they would later get started. Certainly not Alex. At first, he just wanted an outlet for his stories and pictures of muscle women. At the time Flower came into it, there was already quite a little following. It was Flower who came up with the idea of turning that following into a sort of "club", or "virtual society." And now, Alex had 3 live, real subjects. Yvonne and Jane were true muscular muscle women. Flower herself was a good specimen of a sleeker sort of muscle women for those who don't like the ones with the bulging muscles. Alex photographed them, and Flower also helped photograph Yvonne and Jane. Photographs were always more popular than drawings. That helped the BBSes and the Compuserve space get attention.

Flower began encouraging both men and women to submit stories, descriptions of themselves, photos and whatnot that seemed to be similar to the pictures and stories on the BBSes. This would include any kind of woman who was fit, athletic, and dominant, and men who were fit, but perhaps slender, possibly considered a bit "skinny" by this society, and who considered themselves submissive. There really was not a lot of those of either sex at first. There were plenty of geeky men who were not in the best of shape, some skinny, some fat, who were resistant to going out due to shyness or something. But Flower was looking to see if men who were a little more than that would respond.

As Compuserve grew, so did computer technology. The GIF system of graphics was developed. With 640 horizontal by 480 vertical, and 256 colors, near photographic quality became possible. Inexpensive hand scanners were developed, along with expensive desk-top scanners. Alex always pushed the edge, getting the latest possible technologies.

This all helped draw more and more interest to Alex's BBSes and Compuserve space. He was able to scan both his drawings and the photographs of Yvonne, Jane, and Flower with greater photo-quality than ever before. Sometimes Alex himself was in a photo, but always with one of the women, usually in some kind of submissive position.

The BBSes and Compuserve space had to "kiss a lot of frogs" before the princes and princesses were found and gathered, but once going, it began to snowball a bit. What is meant by princes and princesses are those that Flower was more or less looking for: Athletic, dominant women and fit but slender and submissive men.

Flower began organizing meetings, usually somewhere in the country, often times the remote areas of a national park. They were informal and just brought these "birds of a feather" together. It was just a nice way for folks with unusual attitudes and likes/dislikes to meet each other. Over time, some lasting relationships were formed between dominant women and submissive men. A few of these were even between a man and woman where the woman was bigger.

Later still, truly massive muscle women began to show up to these wilderness meetings. Apparently appearing like "obese women" when in ordinary, somewhat loose, non stylish clothing, they would come to the meetings and wow us all when they stripped down to a brief g-string. We encouraged nudity in these outings, so sometimes they took that off as well.

It was highly unusual, even strange, that Flower so quickly found Yvonne and Jane, who certainly qualified as the type of muscle woman being sought. It turned out that they are actually quite rare, like in the order of 0.00009 percent of the entire Earth's population are muscle women who stand over 6 feet tall, are dominant, want submissive men preferably smaller than themselves, and are enthusiastic about pedal-cars and other human-powered transportation and do not particularly like dogs. Those last two characteristics showed up in many of the over-6-feet-tall muscle women they encountered.

As this "club" of Flower's grew, it became clearer and clearer, that we were dealing with some sort of "kin." By the early 1990s, this people of this "kin" had the characteristics described above. To clarify and sort out by sex, it is as follows:
- - -
Women: Fit, athletic, and muscular, some over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds. They are dominant and like their men to be submissive to them, smaller, or at least no bigger, than them, and to be slender, fit, and sexy. These women can be aggressive, including sexually aggressive on slender men, but usually hold back unless and until they determine that their aggressiveness will be tolerated. They also tend to like cycling, bicycles, and if introduced, pedal-cars (later to be known as velomobiles).
Men: Slender, fit, sometimes downright athletic, usually no taller than 6-feet-1, shy, submissive, and definitely have a liking for women bigger than themselves and generally take to being dominated by a woman. Like the women, they too gravitate toward bicycles and other human-powered vehicles and away from motor vehicles.

Neither sex of this kin keep pets, although they generally don't object to someone in the household that does. Trouble starts if any of this kin get attacked by dogs. They tend to respond violently, with a decided tendency to... uh, let's just say, "extinguish" the dog. This often leads to clashes with the owner of the dog when someone attacked by it reacts so strongly. In our meetings, this situation came up again and again.

Both sexes of this kin love the outdoors and nature, so the fact that Flower held these meetings way out in the wilderness helped bring them around, although she was at first not aware of it.

Another thing that kept coming up is this kin's love of nudity or brief clothing. A meeting of "muscle women lovers" was the wrong place to try to sell clothes unless they were skimpy tank tops, bikinis, g-strings and the like.
- - -

Finally, of these kins, another little quirk began to show up. As more and more people from around the world joined us, and we began to get different ethnicities, more and more Asians showed up. And if they did, and they were women, they tended to be like Flower. They were tall for Asians, 5 feet 10 to 6 feet 2, but were always very slender and graceful, like Flower. And, when they showed up, the other big, hunky women loved them, as they all loved Flower. The big, hunky women seemed readily lead by the Asian types. Therefore, by 1993, a third "sub-kin" was figured out, some characteristics of which Flower had to keep secret with Alex and with trusted other Asian women members of this "club." They were as follows:
Amazonic in stature but tending to be slender and not quite as tall as the other women of that kin. They are graceful in build. They were the most dominant of all with their men and finally, intelligence. These women were intelligent to the extreme. But sometimes superior intelligence breeds superior ambition. Some of the Asian women of the kin, once they were "in" and "established", had some additional ideas of their own. They eyed Flower like she was the standing alpha woman that was to be deposed for another alpha woman. But Flower's skill and intelligence kept her out of the way of clashes. But she certainly was not the Asian women's favorite flavor. Where as the other women of the kin absolutely adored Flower, and all of them wanted to hug her and hold her, the Asian women kept their distance from Flower. Alex suspected they were plotting against her.

One time, 3 Vietnamese women, all of them 6 feet to 6-feet-1 tall, showed up in a wilderness get-together. They wore "mini ao dais", and like Flower's ao dai, had no pants underneath. No underwear either. The mini ao dais came only halfway down their thighs. Any wind would blow the panels of their ao dais around so that many glimpses of their "pleasure equipment" could be had. They were absolute bitches.
They had 3 Asian men with them whom they made undress when they got there. They were cute (in this Tulao'otupu-lady-writer's opinion, me, Herenui). They were fit, willowy and sexy. And, of necessity, totally submissive to those aggressive bitches. I mean, like, I saw one of those Vietnamese bitches grab the hair of "her man" and yank him around by it if he did something she did not like. They struck their men's asses often. One even had a slender rod with a whip extension... I don't know what you call them... stereotypical pictures of Hitler has one in his hands. Something like that. I mean, super dominant! And strict! Anyway, they absolutely ruled their guys.

By this time, I had already discovered and joined this group. So I was there and witnessed this stuff.
So, those 3 Vietnamese alpha dominatrices sort of cornered Flower, and I thought they were going to beat her up or something. I ran over to where they were. They were off from the crowd. I think Flower was just walking around absorbing the healthful energies of the surrounding nature. Or, she might have been going or returning from a "squat in the bushes" if you know what I mean. I just happen to catch sight of this.

So they seemed to be cornering Flower, and I came running down. I could have easily taken all three of those bitches. I am 6 feet 5 and 250 pounds. I pump iron. That day I was naked. But, I would not have liked having to fight them, because they're cute too! Like Flower!
Well anyway, I came running down there, but slowed down just before I caught up to them. The three of them saw me coming, but I didn't seem to effect them.

"Here comes one of your admirers", one of them said in a slightly condescending way to Flower.
Flower turned to me and smiled sweetly. Mmm! I wanted to hug her right there. But I kept my distance. I was going to leave them alone so long as they did not try to hurt precious Flower.

It appeared they merely wanted to suggest something to Flower...

One of them said, and in a not too nice sounding way, "Since you have control over all these adoring muscle gals, why don't you use your sweet tongue and see can you get them to donate to the cause of buying a big property in the middle of nowhere, say, in the state of Montana, and then build a sort of retreat, or a little village there; you know, a retreat, a splinter society. We would have our own laws, agriculture, customs and habits. No cars would be allowed, and no dogs either. Nudity would be permitted. Men would work for us and entertain us. And you and us other Vietnamese would probably be the ruling committee. Hold a vote, you would probably be elected president, and then you could appoint us for leadership details."
"Yeah!", another one of them said, "What do you think?"

Flower seemed intrigued. She replied, "Hmm, not bad! Not bad at all! And, the people you see here are but a fraction. There must be thousands of them following on line. Yeah, I could propose what you said and ask for donations. My Alexsa will help me write it up, and we'll see if it takes."
"Yeah! And be sure to put your picture with your sweety face all over, because those gals will respond to it, because they love you so much. And don't tell them your, who was it, Alexer or something? Don't let on that he typed it. None of us respect men... except for purposes of fun and feeling good. Put that idea up, and I think it will take off! And remember us when it does!"
"Okay, okay...", Flower gently said, "I will definitely remember you. And, by the way, welcome to our club..."
"Nation! It's a nation!", one of them insisted.
"Well, um... okay! A nation. Although I don't think the United States or even Montana will exactly let us secede our land from the union. But very definitely... a big, huge acreage, or square miles of a wilderness land way off in the middle of nowhere where we can form a little culture... yes, very intriguing idea indeed. I will work on it!"

That seemed to defuse the situation. The three bitches were smiling and patting Flower on the back as the four of them walked out of there and joined the rest of the crowd. I followed loosely and distantly from behind and rejoined the main group too.

Later in that same meeting, I saw a big, naked, muscular woman, like myself, just sort of gently pull Flower by Flower's slender arm into the big gal's big, bare, heaving bosom and hugged her. Flower seemed to enjoy it. I ran up to them and begged, "Let me hug her."

That big gal, my size, did not let go at first. She closed her eyes and made cooing sounds to Flower as she hugged her. Finally she let her go. I then pulled flower to my bosom. Mmmmm! That felt so good! Flower is so, so sweet! She literally melts in your arms! My cunt began to moisten and swell up, and I thought to myself, "well, that ain't right! I'm acting like a lesbian!" But gees, Flower's hair was so soft! It felt like silk! And Flower was in an absolutely adorable ao dai that was white with little purple flowers or something over it. Flower felt firm, yet flexible and willowy. And she hugged me! (As she did the other woman.) She put her slender arms around my waist and hugged. A nice firm hug. The little gal (well, little to me) has strong arms, to be sure. She made soft sounds of snuggling and, well, like she was really enjoying my hug.

I felt taps on my arms and/or back. I opened my eyes to see that I was surrounded my ladies my size, all wanting to hold Flower.

This further developed another trend. All of us big, muscle woman types love Flower. We love to hug her, hold her, and just otherwise adore her. She could ask us anything and any of us would do it for her. The only problem sometimes is that we'd start shoving each other in our zeal to get close to Flower and at least have her beam one of her most adorable smiles at us. Preferably, we wanted to hold her.

Good grief, we were nuts over her. One time, Flower had to cross a babbling brook. Most of us big gals were naked or in brief clothing, and barefooted. Flower was dressed in one of her adorable ao dais. It was a coolish day, so Flower wore a long-sleeved ao dai. It was light, light blue with tiny magenta flower designs all over it. Her hair was black with a violet sheen and was blowing about so gracefully, and she was just so adorably cute, cute, CUTE!!!

Well, veritable war almost broke out among us when all of us wanted to cradle Flower in our arms and carry her across the brook. It was, oh, a foot deep at the deepest, and had smooth, rounded rocks in it. You know, a typical mountain stream. The water was crystal clear and ice cold.

With an absolutely charming giggle, Flower gently shushed us all and said, "I'll just cross it myself, like so..."

Flower then daintily lifted her long ao dai and, being barefooted herself, simply waded across the brook with us following.
"Oooo!", she exclaimed in a sweet, musical voice, "It's so cold!"
"Let me carry you across next time!", a big gal said. Then several others, including me, went, "No! Me! Let me carry you!", and so on. Man! I'm telling you, she could have order us to do ANYthing, and we would have done it!

I myself don't understand what this phenomenon was. None of us did. All we knew, is that sex response was part of it. The less finesse of us were rubbing their cunts because of the burn they felt. All I can tell those big bitches is learn some freakin' manners. My cunt swelled up and burned too, but I didn't go thrusting my hand down there and rubbing it. Gees!

Well, I told you all the above so that you would understand why, when Flower implemented what those 3 other Vietnamese women suggested, IT FLEW! As good as one of Alexsa's jets when he flies one to Hawaii or something. Money started coming in by the handfuls. They sent in tremendous amounts. Like 1000 to 2000 dollars per donation! Before we knew it, we had something like $20,000,000 from some 35,000 members that seemed to be following us. So in 1994, we bought several tens of square miles of wilderness land in Montana. It was anything but regularly shaped. It was even separated in one place. That is, there were two areas of land. Anyway, the land had to writhe around set-aside wilderness preserve areas, Indian reservations, and national forests. In fact, it was an Indian reservation that cut our territory in two.

Well, that started it all. We had our own land. With some 30,000 ardent followers, we began building simple villages and set up farming. A lot of land was already farms. We forbade all cars except for delivery freight trucks. We allowed utility vehicles only to be engine powered. All other transportation was to be bicycle, recumbent trike or velomobile. Big dogs were not allowed. Thanks to Montana being a big supporter of the Second Amendment, we all had guns.

Throughout the rest of the 1990s, we developed what we called "New Shasheer", and many of us moved there to live year round. Most of us lived there only during warmer months. Montana gets snow in winter and that makes it difficult to use bicycles. Most of us are cold-hardy.

The name "New Shasheer" came from the imagination of Alex, or Alexsa as Flower called him. When he wrote stories about and drew pictures of muscle women, he invented a planet that they all lived on. From a Star Trek episode called "By Any Other Name", one of an alien known as the Kelvans told Kirk of a pretty looking substance, flower-like in appearance, that they called Sahsheer. Alex rearranged the "h" to the beginning of the word, just after the "S", to make "Shasheer." When we obtained our land, Flower insisted that we call it Shasheer. Since men are not paid attention to by us, it took Flower to push the Shasheer name. Alex would have been ignored. As the characteristics of this "kin" were recognized and catalogued, Alex noted it was like a little culture, and very similar to his imagined worlds in his stories. So, through the enforcement of our leader, Flower, the name Shasheer was used, and since it was a little Shasheer removed from "that world", we called it "New Shasheer."

Interestingly, we have found by chance, over time, that "Shasheer" is also an Indian (India Indian) name that is sometimes encountered.

Many of us had jobs we had to tend to, so that kept us away from New Shasheer more than we wanted. But eventually, more and more of us moved to New Shasheer and worked within its own economic system. We, in effect, had a little nation inside a nation.

But alas, we were still subject to taxes of United States and Montana. Montana's taxes are very low. But still, we knew that we were not our own nation.

Well... that didn't concern most of us. New Shasheer was doing well. Our only objections were to the fact that most of us could only live there part of the year due to weather.
Well, and another thing, the tax we all had to pay for the land... it kept going up. You see, more and more rich people like movie actors and the like were buying Montana property. It was driving up the cost of land. The land tax was based on how "expensive" our land theoretically was.

Though this was a bad thing at first, it turned out to be a very good thing.

To be sure, the land was not perfect. First, there was that big break between the two sections of our lands. Inside our land was bicycle-friendly. Cars banned, big dogs banned or eliminated, and some dirt roads paved with a small, light layer of asphalt pavement to make cycling easier. But a big Indian-reservation broke our land into two parts. To cross it was quite a bit of trouble. The road was mostly dirt. Since it was not our land, we hadn't the right to pave it. Sometimes motor vehicles used it. And there was at least one roving pack of feral dogs. Also there were wolves and coyotes, but the pack of dogs was far worse. They would attack mercilessly. The only protection was a machine pistol like a Glock 18 or something, which we had through means I'll explain in a minute. But no way could we brandish machine-anything in the way of firearms while crossing the Indian reservation because they are essentially illegal. Our solution finally was we purchased some old school buses and used them to literally "ferry" our people and their bicycles across this hostile portion. It was not the Indians' fault, mind you. In fact, they were usually nowhere around. This was a very remote, northern reach of their reservation where hardly anybody went. All of the Indians lived in the southern portions. It's just that, there were these feral dogs running loose. We got rid of them from our land, but this was someone else's land, so we had no right to change anything. We could only cross it. So we had to rely on the "bus ferry" idea to traverse that area.

Also, as far as Indians are concerned, among our ranks that were apparently members of our kin were all kinds of races and nationalities. We had several members who were "Indians" (USA First Nation or Canadian First Nation).

Anyway, returning to New Shasheer...
This entire story is NOT for big-dog lovers. If you don't like the portion of this account here, well, you are really not going to like the part about when we acquire Tulao'otupu.

One more characteristic of this "muscle-woman" kin and their men, is that we really, really support the Second Amendment. We are very protection oriented. We are like the rhinoceros, a peaceful vegetarian, but, don't mess with him! We are all about love. But we will sure pick up the arms if attacked. Add to that, we don't get this infatuation with dogs. We don't hate them, but we just don't see what the big hoopla is over them. A possible explanation is coming up in later pages.

Well anyway, we often found cycling through the wilderness threatened by these roving packs of dogs. We carried guns on our bicycles including, even, compact "machine pistols". Some preferred single shots, saying the machine pistols run out their limited magazines too quickly. But machine pistols would literally spray the attacking pack with bullets, discouraging them. They lacked a lot of stopping power sometimes, but they often turned the pack around!

How did we get machine pistols, uzis, and submachine guns? Those of us that officially became police (and we had a regular police force, made entirely of "us") could get machine pistols. They then, clandestinely, passed them on to any of us who wanted them. We paid their cost for them, so it is not like they were making profit or anything. Technically, this is illegal, and the police department involved could have been in trouble. But we all believe that anyone should have access to what ever weapons technology that is available for personal or household protection, and to keep government at bay and strictly "for the people."

This meant that in our land, any cyclist was probably armed. Eventually, after repeated clashes with the cyclists, the packs of dogs were, um... eventually extinguished. We could then cycle in safety.

We also had to contend with bears, wolves, and mountain lions. These animals were, fortunately, easily intimidated by firing the gun into the air. After a couple encounters like that, they just left us alone.

All this gun business pushed the legal limits of gun ownership, if not out and out broke it. I write of this now only after we are well established upon our own nation of Tulao'otupu, where we enjoy complete Second Amendment rights.

By the way, what guns do I, Herenui the writer, own? Glock 18, Uzi, AK-47, and Tec 9. Almost every woman on Tulao'otupu has an AK-47 by now. We even have a factory on our island that makes AK-47s. More on that later.
Oh, and that sweet Flower, now president of Tulao'otupu, has an AK-47 and a Glock 18. Well, more on all this when we get into the actual setup of Tulao'otupu, coming up in following pages!

Anyway, back to the land we had in Montana...
Cars were banned from our land with some exceptions required by law and by certain agreements on the land purchase.
An interstate highway passed through one of our lands, so we had to allow those cars. We also had to allow them getting off for gasoline and access to hotels and restaurants which were usually all clustered around the intersections. Also, there were some other roads that we had to allow cars on. But we had strict signage and rules that every right-away be given to cyclists. We put notorious speed bumps on those roads that would tear cars up if they did not stay below 25 mph. The speed bumps had passages through them that allowed a bicycle to pass unimpeded. And finally, the roads were policed. Our own, big muscle women as police. Imagine that. If one broke the 25 mph speed limit, they'd be facing a big, 6-feet-3 or more, something like 220-pound lady cop.

This produced a lot of complaints from car drivers that had to pass our land, but, tough shit. We're sick of cars, got it? And this is our own special land to which we come to escape such things!

Well, so New Shasheer was not perfect. But it was doing well. Businesses were being started and thriving. Understandably, a lot of bicycle sales and service shops were started. They carried not only bicycles but recumbent trikes and, later, velomobiles (what Alex called a pedal-car before). Expensive little boogers, velomobiles were excellent against Montana's harsh winters, especially the Cab-bike when it became available.

Then, in late 1990s and then into the early 2000s, Alex, via his exposure to Pacific island doings due to the fact that he hoteled in Tahiti and Guam due to his piloting routes, got word of a Pacific island that was in deep financial trouble.

Sitting off by itself, not part of any archipelago, this island, called Tulao'otupu, was isolated and singular, hundreds of miles from other island and thousands of miles from any continent. It had a stormy history. Used as a hideout for pirates, it went through several criminal-like governments, each one bent on sucking as much blood from the island culture and its inhabitants as possible. The most recent government seemed okay, at least they were not outright violent, but later turned out to be a band of "white-collar" criminals. Once again, Tulao'otupu was in financial disaster.

There were rumors that it was for sale. But calls (which often did not go through) made by both Alex and Flower could not get confirmation. It was first given interest by Flower and Alex, then forgotten about, then given interest again. Finally, about 2002, Alex actually journeyed to Tulao'otupu. He was told to be careful, there are a lot of criminals there. Alex asked for some time off in Tahiti. After substitute co-pilots were arranged, Alex journeyed by local airlines to another archipelago of Polynesian islands. From that point, there was a 30-hour boat ride to get to Tulao'otupu by water. Several hundred miles of dark blue, 3-mile deep Pacific ocean had to be crossed. And it wasn't cheap, because few people were going there any more. One of the crew of the boat asked Alex, "Why do you want to go to that island? Of all the beautiful islands in the Pacific, you want to go that snake-raising, rat's nest? That place is a dump! It's the smelly outhouse toilet of the Pacific!"

Hey you! You're talking about our future home! Well anyway, that's what most islanders thought of it.

When Alex got there, yep, it was a dump. ALL the buildings had chipping paint, overgrown yards, cracked pavement in their driveways, and no electricity or running water although they once had. Almost all buildings were abandoned.

Tulao'otupu, on its north shore, had 5 tall resort hotels, maybe about 30 stories. Three others were separated from those 5. Each one was by itself. One was more or less in the wilderness, in between towns. Then the other 2 were each surrounded by a small town. There were none on the south side. The south side had a rugged, twisty shore and in some places was cliff to the beach. There were many beautiful coves. Very small hotels with separate rooms were located on a few of the coves. Beautiful as all these potentially were, all were run down! None were in operation. The basic structure of the 8 high-rise hotels were sound, thanks to a very reputable Australian builder. But their rooms, facilities, outside, and pools were all completely unkempt. The pools were in such a bad state, that what few locals were left used them to raise fish to eat. They were full of green algae and had water bugs and beetles, water striders, tadpoles and frogs by the thousands. These were food for the fish. Nobody swam in them! Heck no!

Packs of feral dogs roamed through the wilderness between towns and in 3 towns themselves which were completely abandoned. Tropical birds nested in the roofs of the buildings. I mean to tell you, that island was a mess! "A dump" is an understatement. It was a disaster area!

Alex arrived there and had to stumble his way through weeds, overgrown lots and cracked pavement to the, hah!, "presidential office" where he found Makalohi. A Polynesian, he was overseeing the dispersing of remaining Tulao'otupu assets and the immigrating away of remaining residents.

"We're closing this mess down", he told Alex after introductions. "We don't know what to do with it. I think maybe some New Zealand interests might take it. But they are not in a hurry. I think the best we can do with it is say some good words over it and let the sea and nature take it. It's just a lost cause."
"Gee willikers", Alex exclaimed, "What happened to it?"

Makalohi went into a long spiel of Tulao'otupu's history. The last government was its last hope, but they all turned out to be crooks. They are gone now, having left with suitcases full of money to parts unknown. Tulao'otupu was completely without infrastructure. The electrical power plant was shut down. There was no fuel for it and no personnel were there to operate it. Same with telephone. Makalohi's office was kept in electricity by a portable generator. A portable, emergency telephone switchboard was in the same house, powered by the generator. His office and a few others were the only functional telephone numbers left for Tulao'otupu.

Roads were in bad shape. Roads between towns were dirt anyway, and now were full of ruts and washouts. Hulks of old cars were strewn about everywhere. The residents of most homes were noisy tropical birds. There was absolutely no economy. The few non-Polynesians left were hermit types, self-sufficiently living off the jungle and using Tulao'otupu as a place to get away from civilization. Most of those were Australian or New Zealander. Then, there were a few groups of Polynesians. They had formed self-sufficient neighborhoods, but even most of them were getting ready to move. Tulao'otupu was not historically Polynesian, but used to be settled by a strange, little known race called Yalangens. Now they were off on their own island, several hundreds of miles away. They appeared to show no interest in Tulao'otupu.

Alex asked Makalohi, "Would... would you all sell this island?"
"Hmmm..." Makalohi thought. He rummaged through his memory. "Last I heard, it was offered to be sold, if anybody wanted it, for 200,000,000 dollars. But who would buy this dump?"
"If purchased, who would that money go to? That is, who is the seller?"
"I think it would just go into the New Zealand government's treasury", Makalohi replied, then asked, "Why, do you have a sucker, er, I mean, a buyer that wants this mess?"

"Hmm, yes", Alex said...

Alex said that at that point, he was really excited. But if the intelligent Flower had taught him anything, it was to not show interest when inquiring into buying something. Make the seller or the representative think that you might buy it if it is not too much trouble nor too expensive.

Alex asked Makalohi to turn up as much information as he could on buying the island. Makalohi said it would take a few days. "You are welcomed to stay in this house. It's the only one not populated by lizards and their favorite food, mosquitoes!"

On the return boat trip, there were a lot of fellow passengers. When coming, Alex was the only one. He had full rein of the passenger area of the boat. But now on the return trip he had to squeeze to one bunk. New Zealanders and a few Polynesians and a Chinese were crowded in there with him. They were all leaving Tulao'otupu for good.

Alex was sure glad to get off that crowded boat. He then took local airlines back to Tahiti and then, in a couple days, he was back on as co-pilot and that way returned home to Flower.

Alex showed Flower the facts and details of buying Tulao'otupu. Flower shared it with her "senate." The all-women senate and Flower agreed to go for it.

For $250,000,000, Tulao'otupu would be sold to Flower and committee and would be a territory of New Zealand. They would get New Zealand engineers and crews to help rebuild the infrastructure. They would get other kinds of government assistance from New Zealand. But they would be subject to New Zealand taxes and laws.

For $150,000,000, Tulao'otupu would be sold as is, with absolutely no assistance from New Zealand. Nobody would be there to help them. Flower and committee would then completely take over Tulao'otupu as either a part of Flower's country, United States, or as a separate, sovereign nation. Flower and company would have to rebuild Tulao'otupu all alone, without any kind of help at all.
If Flower and company took this route, Tulao'otupu would be theirs. Taxes would be up to Flower and company as would any laws.

Which it almost always is on tropical island Tulao'otupu!
Bicycles, trikes, and velomobiles only! Ban cars! Ban dogs!

And at that, obviously, the march to Tulao'otupu began!

First thing Flower had to do is campaign this to her people.

"Now, you let me handle this", Flower advised Alex, "Those big ladies run New Shasheer, and they won't pay attention to a man! I need you to go and photograph and video Tulao'otupu. Meanwhile, I'll be working with my big ladies!"

Alex again had to ask for time off from his Tahiti stay to go to Tulao'otupu. His superior wondered what all this was about. Alex said it was to visit a long lost relative who lived on Kiribati. Alex was not to breath a word about buying an island.

It sure is a lot of trouble to go to Tulao'otupu. The boat ride to Tulao'otupu is fun. Alex has the whole boat to himself except for the crew. But the return is crowded. Anyway, he got a lot of pictures and video. He wanted to use a bicycle, but there were too many free-roaming dogs. None of them were that big, but there were many of them, and they seemed to attack anything that showed up. So Alex was forced to drive around in a rickety old car.

Meanwhile, back in Montana in New Shasheer, Flower got to work on her "big ladies."

Some time ago, a "state television" and "state radio station" had been set up for Flower to broadcast proposals, beg for donations, and so on. Flower had developed a very sweet countenance for television and radio. She always dressed in a sleeveless ao dai and wore a Vietnamese hat. This was her persona. The big, muscular amazons of New Shasheer absolutely adored her. They practically worshiped her. They would do anything she asked.

Flower got on her "state television and radio" to explain to her followers, the find that was Tulao'otupu. She had a sweet, musical voice. Her body language was cute and sexy. She had a lot of arm movement which allowed all us drooling amazons, myself included, to gaze upon her gracefully built arms and axillae, how they looked next to her adorable ao dai. Some of us, myself included, were sitting on the floor next to the television screens to get as close to her as possible. I'd kiss the screen where her sweet, supple lips were. Her speech went thus:

"Hi ya big, beautiful ladies! It's me, Chairman Nguyen Hue Bich" (Winn Hway Beek) "or Lily or Flower as some of you know me, here to beg once again for your help. But this one is really, REALLY, super-duper special! More important than anything I've ever presented! Now we have a chance to get our own country! Our own nation! No more taxes! You all can go around nude! No cars ever!

Way out in the Pacific ocean, is an actual island for sale. It's in bad shape, but nothing that our strong and intelligent selves can't handle! You gals will have to use your awesome muscles to do a lot of repairing, rebuilding, and new building to get this place going again."

She carried on a bit about that, and then described the island...

"The island is 25 miles long. It is mountainous. There are two mountains. The east-south-east end has a mountain that is 2000 feet, more or less. The west-north-west end has a mountain that is 3000 feet, more or less. All the towns are located on the shores, with some neighborhoods extending a small ways into the mountains. The mountains are ancient volcanoes. They haven't erupted in millions of years. There is a mountain pass road that goes up to 1200 feet in between the mountains. From there, there are neighborhoods of a few houses that used to be for very rich people. They are now abandoned. Ours for the taking. But they are in bad shape. But its a house! And you gals are strong and smart. You can do it! There's a lot of beautiful scenery. The sands of the beaches are gleaming white. The water is crystal clear! It's not hot, just warm. There's a wind that blows all the time so that it is refreshing."

And on and on about that. She also spoke of the island's wind energy potential. Alex reported a trade wind that blew briskly all the time. Makalohi said the wind blew that way all the time, almost never stopping.

Flower finally got to the part about price...

"Don't let 150,000,000 dollars scare you. We can get 200,000,000 dollars, approximately and estimated, by selling our present land to all the eager rich buyers who are wanting it. We will sell it in parts. In addition, if you can donate 3000 dollars, we will add that to cover the expense of all the tremendous amount of repairing we will have to do when we get there. Anyone donating 3000 dollars or more will automatically be a full citizen of New Shasheer, or the nation of Tulao'otupu. Those donating 300 dollars or more will get immediate permanent immigration status."

And she went on about that for a while.

The little darling even took calls. They were all positive. Most of the calls were just big muscle women (you could tell from their husky voices), wanting to call Ms. Bich (Flower) and tell her how much they adored her and loved her. Many called with their complete support.

Flower went on her state television and radio a number of other times about Tulao'otupu. When Alex returned with pictures she showed them.

Response was great! Huge donations poured in. They all agreed to the selling of the land. Many of the amazon-sized ladies of New Shasheer would come up to Flower personally and hand her 3000 to 5000 dollars, just like that, and hug her! They could not wait to get adorable Flower, dressed in her gorgeous ao dai, in their arms for a big, crushing hug... And I did that myself. Yes, this here writer, Herenui, gave sweet Flower 6500 dollars and I hugged her and held her. I waited until a crowd of big, naked, palooka gals got through giving her money and hugging her. Well, I was naked too except for a tiny pendant in front of my cunt and one at my butt, both held up by a sterling chain around my waist. That's New Shasheerian fashion for you. Anyway, it took a while for all those palookas to get their turn. I wanted to be last so that there would be no one tapping me and begging, "I want to hug her!"
At last with sweet Flower in my bare bosom, I held and held. The darling melted in my arms. She is so cuddly! Like hugging a plush toy. She puts her slender arms around my waist and hugs me tight. So I just held her and held her, for maybe 10 whole minutes. Just quietly, no talking except for loving cooing utterances. There were birds in the background, and the sun was going down. I one point I held her so that she could gaze on my big biceps which was partially flexed from hugging her. She daintily kissed it and said in a sweet voice, "Your arms are awesome!" Mmmm! I just LOVE Chairman Nguyen Hue Bich! She's the sweetest, most adorable head of state I've ever seen! Finally, she gently, softly said, "I'm so sorry, but I must go now. My Alexsa will worry, cause it's late. I thank you so very very much for your generous donation!"

So with great effort of willpower, I opened my arms and let her go. She then rubbed her slender arms, turned around and smiled sweetly at me and remarked in a cute voice, "Oh! It's kinda chilly!" Indeed, there was a chilly breeze as the sun behind a forest, leaving us in cool, bluish light of evening. It's refreshing to me and all the other big amazons. I took her back in my arms where she snuggled for warmth. By this time my cunt was aching and swollen, and getting wet. I wondered why I was like that, but I understood it happened to all the other big gals too.

Finally, I picked up the sweet thing in my arms. She was surprisingly light to me. I carried her from the flower-strewn meadow where we had been and within which she had given a little progress speech before. She giggled and said in a pretty voice, "Thank you!" I took her to her velomobile. Yes, she had a velomobile already, one of the few of us that had one. I was glad for that, because it was getting dark and I didn't want her on a bicycle by herself.

I set Flower down next to her velomobile which was parked kind of beside some bushes. She sweetly said, "Thank you! You're so sweet!", and then began to disrobe. With me experiencing a swollen, wet, aroused cunt, I wondered what was coming down. She daintily unbuttoned her adorable ao dai which was clasped along her side. She peeled it off and then she was naked except for high heels. And she took those off too. She stowed them all into compartments inside the velomobile. She then wriggled in herself.
I asked, "Isn't that cold?"
"Hmm, at first", she replied sweetly. "When I first get in, the seat's cold. But then I start pedaling, and, hah-hah! Don't worry! I get warm! Fast!"
"Wow", I commented, "That's just like some sort of little car. How fast is it?"
She replied in her soft voice, "I get and maintain 25 mph. Sometimes 30. I'll be home in 15 minutes. Do not worry!"
"Wow, that's movin'! Can I follow you?"
"Sure! But, can you? Do you have a velomobile?"
"No, a regular bicycle. But I'm strong!", I replied, and then I struck a muscle pose with arms up and biceps flexed.
"Oooo!", Flower sweetly breathed in exclamation, "you're so awesome!"
"I can do 25 to 30 mile per hour on my bike", I informed.
"Wow, that's takes strength for a regular bicycle. In this, you could probably do 40 or 45!", Flower sweetly pointed out.
"Yeah", I replied, "I can't wait to get my own velomobile!"
"Oh, I hope the 6000 dollars you gave me in not holding back your ability to get one!", Flower sweetly said with a sound of genuine concern in her voice and her movements.
Flower is just so darn sweet. She has a cute, cute little bare bosom with pert breasts. Though slender, she has arms that are nicely formed and kinda muscular. Nothing like mine of course. And her abs are very prominent. And I could see that her thighs were adequately muscled to make her velomobile go 30 mph. She looked cute and sexy seated in the cockpit of her velomobile.
Anyway, I assured her, "No, no, don't ever worry, sweety! I want you to have that money. Well, it's for all of us. Anyway, I'm going to wait until we get to Tulao'otupu before I buy a velomobile. Not as much to move, you know!"
"Yes, you're right! Moving's such a hassle! But in a way, fun! Especially for this!"
"That's for sure!", I said. I then said, "Let me get my bike and lets go!"
"Okay!", she replied cheerfully and sweetly.

I grabbed my bicycle which was over there a bit, rode it back to her and motioned for her to go ahead. Using her feet "Flintstone style", she pushed her velomobile backwards to get out of the parking position. She then began pedaling forward with me following.
Well, when that gal hit the road, I really had to pour it on! She really did go 28 to 30 mph! It took her a while to accelerate to it, but once there, she maintained it, no problem. The road was more or less level, but very curvy. We careened around curves and flew over the straights. It was fun, but I was at my max level! I said I can do 30 mph on my bike, but that's kinda, you know, only for about 10 minutes. But this kept up for 15 minutes. I was gasping by the time she finally slowed to turn left into a long, dirt road which was her driveway.

In her sweet voice, hardly winded, she reported, "That was fun having you come along! Usually, cyclists on ordinary bicycles can't keep up with me, so I always ride alone unless Alexsa is with me."
I went, "Huff-huff, Yeah! Huff! That was interesting! Huff-huff, we were really moving!"

Anyway, we said our greetings and stuff, and I left her driveway and went to my home. I assure you, I took it easy, just 20 mph, after that exertion! One good thing though, the exertion made my cunt settle down. There was wetness on my saddle which I wiped off. When I got home, I found my sweet guy and fucked him hard! But why does that Flower do that to us (all the big gals)? I kept wondering about that. It's just that she's so excruciatingly cute! Gads, she's cute!

Well, back to the acquisition of Tulao'otupu...

In a year, or that is, 2003, a 60 percent down payment was made with the rest of the money coming as available, which it did fairly quickly.

Shasheerians (what we call ourselves now) began moving in by the hundreds. That little boating company was making a lot of money off us. By the end of 2003 and into the beginnings of 2004, the payment was completed, and rebuilding of infrastructure had begun.

The way things settled out was as follows:

Just about all New Zealanders moved away. A very few still living in their homes sold them to Shasheerians at cut-throat prices. Houses that cost 200,000 dollars were being sold for 10,000. Ordinary houses were all but given away. There was little demand since plenty of abandoned houses were available for the taking. But of course, they would be in deplorable condition. A very few New Zealanders stayed, apparently liking what was happening. They liked that there would not be any more cars and that something about the feral dog packs would be done. They liked the clothing-optional and all those great looking, naked Shasheerian amazon women around. A few thousand Polynesians stayed, but many were planning to leave for other islands. Tulao'otupu is not historically a Polynesian island, so they are not necessarily native to Tulao'otupu, but they have been here a long time.

The Polynesians' biggest objection to us was the fact that we banned cars and dogs. Some of them did not like the way we were killing packs of feral dogs right and left. More about the feral-dog-eradication program later.

Most of the New Zealanders and other European/western types had already moved out anyway. Very few remained, and those that did, liked us and what we were doing.

But the Polynesians were sort of like, stuck here, without any other place to go, at least not conveniently and quickly. The Polynesian communities of Tulao'otupu became quite noisy about the elimination and ban on dogs and cars.

Our sweet leader, Nguyen Hue Bich (Flower), invited the Polynesian community leaders to come for a meeting to argue this out once and for all. We met under the shade of coconut trees on a stretch of white sand beach that was particularly private and restful, surrounded by nature.

Sweet Nguyen Hue Bich was flanked by muscular amazons who included none other than Yvonne and Jane. So, just in case you were wondering about Flower's faithful workers and close friends, Yvonne and Jane, they were among the first to arrive and now were more or less body guards for Nguyen Hue Bich, and took care of the yard around the presidential house, showed guests in, and other things like that.

Anyway, so flanked by muscular amazons, Nguyen Hue Bich argued with community leaders from the Polynesian neighborhoods over the dog and car issue, with below being typical...

Flower asserted, "There is no reason in the hell to have automobiles clogging up and spoiling this beautiful island and menacing everyone! Why jam big cars into a tiny island when I or anybody else here could go from one end of this island to the other on a bicycle in a sneeze! It's ridiculous to have cars! Are you willing to say that there is something us 'poor, little, weak women' can do that you can't!?"

Well, you would have had to be there to sort of eyeball the situation as it pertains to what she said about "I or anybody here" being able to get across the length of Tulao'otupu in a sneeze using a bicycle. Yes, Nguyen Hue Bich with her sleek, slender muscles could do it. And certainly I, this writer, or any of my amazon sisters could do it. But the guy she was talking to, though big and I'm sure, pretty strong, was, however, a bit obese, and maybe not that well honed in the legs. Another Polynesian gentleman behind him was the same way. They might have a hard time negotiating such a bicycle trip.
He as much as pointed that out...

He said, "Ma'am, I'm not sure just who you people are, or where you come from. I at first thought you were Americans or Canadians. But you are not like any Americans I have ever seen. All of you, dressing skimpily or not at all, look like olympians! Many of us here are perhaps unable to use a bicycle effectively as you all do."
Chairman Nguyen Hue Bich insisted, "Come on! You guys is Polynesians! You all used to be tall and strong! You're temporarily out of shape now because of cars and crapy western diet. Go back to the old ways and a true traditional Polynesian diet, and you all will once again be the tall, beautiful and strong people you once were! Come on! You can do it!"

Another Shasheerian amazon there with us spoke up and added, "And if I were you all, I'd drop this ridiculous shame-of-body nonsense that the missionaries taught you. Why do you put so much stock in them? They were aliens from an alien land. They came from a place that's dark and cold. The have to wear a lot of clothes. Then they came here to where it's freakin' 90 degrees in the shade and they want you to wear all the clothes they do!? That's patently ridiculous! You should drop that! Right away!"
"Easy, easy there, Cindy", Nguyen Hue Bich gently advised, "One thing at a time. We will teach by example!"
"Yes ma'am, Chairman Bich", she quietly replied.

"I don't think you'd like to see me in a g-string!", joked the Polynesian gentleman. We all laughed at that.

"Perhaps", agreed Nguyen Hue Bich with a giggle, "But soon, if you follow like us, you and all of you will have bodies you'll be proud of! Then you can dress the way you should in a place that's... well, more like 85 degrees in the shade. It isn't that hot."

Well, of course Flower would say that. She's Vietnamese and sort of physiologically set up to handle heat. But the rest of us thought it was pretty hot. Well, it depends. If outside in that trade wind that always blows, it isn't bad. But get in a corner with that sun coming in and if the wind isn't getting there, it gets hot in a hurry!
Where we were, under the shade of the coconut trees next to the beach, the trade wind was blowing through and it was quite comfortable. Any building would be hot and stuffy. They were "cooled" only by oscillating fans that were powered by a few solar panels that were hastily put up. There was not enough power for air-conditioning yet in most places.

The Polynesian gentleman continued, "We do use bicycles, a lot, within our neighborhood and for nearby stores. But if we want to visit friends in the neighborhood of another town, we are not in such shape as to handle a trip like that... although, we might eventually get to be. You are very encouraging, Miss Bich. But it might take a while..."
"We can assist, perhaps", Nguyen Hue Bich suggested, "Angela at the bicycle store can install electric assist motors on bicycles. She has the Stoke Monkey and the BionX. We could perhaps pay for some of these at first. But remember, I, as the sort of like, government here", and she giggled a bit at that, "have little money. We do not have taxes. All money is from donations from our people."
"Yes", he agreed, "And as we get into shape, we depend less and less on the motor. Then we give them back to you!"
"Well, you don't have to give them back... maybe give them to someone who needs it or something.", Flower suggested.

Then he had to bring up the subject of dogs. We were banning them and getting rid of the ones that were roaming free in menacing packs on the island. He made an argument for Polynesians keeping whatever dogs they had.

Nguyen Hue Bich explained, "We, the people who are settling in here, do not understand this infatuation with dogs. All we see are unnecessary menaces. I'm sorry, but they have to go. There is no compromise on that."
He insisted, "But you speak of the feral ones. I only mean the dogs we have, in our own neighborhoods. They are like part of the family, you know, ohana..."

Getting us (Shasheerians) to understand dog ownership is like trying to explain to a rabbit why he must be eaten by the wolf. But after some back and forth, Nguyen Hue Bich suggested building a 10-foot high chain link fence all around the Polynesian neighborhoods. She stated, "The dogs must be strictly controlled. They may wander inside the Polynesian neighborhood, but any getting out may be shot. Our people will not tolerate any aggressiveness from them. I would suggest that the gates on your neighborhoods be spring loaded so that they automatically close after anyone passes. Oh, and we will provide the fencing materials free. But you all might have to assist with the labor."
"Miss Bich", he insisted, "Most of the dogs in my neighborhood are not so big and they are mild mannered. They would not attack anybody. But we will keep them carefully in control. And yes, if you all just cannot tolerate dogs, then yes, the fence idea might be best."

So all of Tulao'otupu was to be cleared of dogs except for within the Polynesian neighborhoods which soon became to be called "Polyhoods." Still, it made many uncomfortable. Many, especially those with dogs, eventually moved away. But the fences were built. And since most of the Polyhoods were next to the sea, the chain link fence extended some ways into the water, to keep dogs from slipping out between the fence and the sea.

Some repair work on electric lines and plumbing in the Polyhoods had to be done. When and where ever possible, the labor was done by Polynesians themselves. But sometimes, Shasheerian technicians had to come in. They reported only smallish, quiet, well-behaved dogs.

So for the most part, that was settled. And the folks from the Polyhoods could see we meant business. For a number of months, big amazons on their bicycles with fully automatic weapons in special holders were a common sight. The sound of automatic gunfire coming from the distance was often heard and was further evidence.

Cars ended up in a large fenced in area close to the docks in Makefu. Slowly over time, the cars were picked up by boat and shipped away, to buyers elsewhere, or with the owners as they themselves moved away, unwilling to live under the ban against cars and dogs.
We were slowly "Shasheerizing" Tulao'otupu.

And... Oh! (sigh) Let's see... okay, okay, let's get this unpleasantness over with now, and then we can progress to the positive aspects of Tulao'otupu. And that had to do with the darned ol' dogs. Already mentioned many times, they really were a cramp in all our sides, and were severely reducing the quality of life on the island. They had to go. Now, we're talking about the feral ones, not the ones in the Polyhoods. The ones in the Polyhoods were well behaved. And those with larger, more aggressive dogs were moving away, leaving Tulao'otupu permanently.

Well, like I said, Shasheerians began moving in during 2003. We had already banned cars. There weren't that many cars anyway because there were no people hardly, anymore. Only the Polynesians remained, and they complained about not being able to use cars, but even they used bicycles locally. They tended to all be collected in certain neighborhoods as already mentioned.

So, one day, off a number of us went, technicians mostly, on our bicycles. And what happens first thing, but on the way from Makefu where the presidential house and seaport is to Ha'alalo where the electric generating plant is, they ran into a pack of threatening dogs. They had to run back! Thanks to their strength, they were able to pedal 35 mph or faster which is what it took to get away from those monsters.

Our people had already brought some guns, but they were in boxes. We had no idea that we would be dealing with the likes of this. So the group got some Uzis, Tec 9s converted to fully automatic, and Glock 18s out of the packaging, and add to that even, a couple AK-47s purchased locally. They then started back out.

By the way, some Chinese or some kind of oriental was already there selling AK-47s. Now how did he know that we'd be... well, never mind. Highly illegal in United States, we were in our own Tulao'otupu now, and we have the Second Amendment, full strength, in our Constitution. And our Constitution is almost an exact copy of the Constitution of the United States. Well anyway, so a couple of them had AK-47s.

Now keep in mind, this is a group of tall, muscular amazons on bicycles, carrying those kinds of automatic weapons. When they encountered the dogs again, they opened fire and, well, when all was clear, they pedaled on.

When they got to Ha'alalo, it dam well happened again. They were exploring the town and mostly looking for the power plant. But a pack of dogs attacked them in the town!
Now, at that point, Ha'alalo was a "ghost town", completely abandoned. It was where the electrical generating plant for Tulao'otupu was. They were going to begin the steps to "bring it back to life" and get electricity again for Tulao'otupu. But now they were facing a pack of growling, threatening dogs again. So once again, "dat-dat-dat" and "pow-pow-pow" along with the almost buzzing sound the Glock 18 makes, and down went a bunch of those menaces again. Some yelped, some just dropped, others ran off. Ugh! It wasn't pretty! But shit! What are we going to do!? We can't have that going on! Besides, those things don't even belong on this island. They were introduced by humans. They kill Tulao'otupu's natural forest-floor fauna. They need to be removed to bring Tulao'otupu back to her original state. Yeah, I use the pronoun "her", sometimes, for Tulao'otupu. We all feel that we were saving her.

Those early months were terrible due to the numbers of times packs of dogs had to be slaughtered. And don't think it was not noticed. We already discussed the resident Polynesians and what we had to go through with them. But we heard protests from Tonga, Tahiti, Kiribati (pronounced, so I understand, "Kiribas"), and United States organizations of various types. Look, extermination of feral dogs is not unprecedented. Even in the southeastern United States (The South) where dogs are almost, like, "honored", they occasionally do feral dog eliminations. They are a danger to live stock, hunters, farmers, people living in the country, and to good dogs. Anyway, they are not good for Tulao'otupu and they must go. No compromise.

And returning to the resident Polynesians, many of them were for the elimination of the dog packs. They said, "We can't camp or hike the mountains of the interior of the island because of the menace from those things. Sometimes there are certain spiritual ceremonies we want to do in the jungles at night. But we cannot with those menacing packs. You all are the first to have balls enough to get 'em! Balls!... And you're all women!"

...I don't know what us being women has to do with it, but whatever. We were NOT going to put up with it.

As more and more of us moved in, the news spread among us to never go anywhere on your bicycle between towns without a powerful gun, preferably a fully automatic. Glock 18s were advised against because their bullets are light and have low muzzle velocity and therefore lack stopping power. They also buzzed through their magazines in a second. Glocks were easy to carry on a bike, but Uzi-level or greater was recommended.

One thing about Tulao'otupu and our tax-free environment, it does encourage free enterprise. Before long, a former cycling shop owner had moved in and set up business, and herself invented a special carrier for guns on bicycles. She made them to fit Uzis, Tec-9s, and the ever increasing numbers of AK-47s around. That Chinese guy was still there selling them. I don't know where he came from, but the AK-47s are great. I mean, they are an actual military assault weapon. Not going to do better than that! But, until she invented the special carrier for bicycles, AK-47s were a bit unwieldy for bicycles.

It is interesting to reiterate, that the lady who owned the bicycle store and developed the special gun carriers, and whomever that Chinese guy was selling AK-47s, they kept all their profits. No taxes at all! Isn't that nice?

But ugh! That dog scene wasn't so nice. This crap went on heavy for about two whole months. We finally mounted a final cleanup that would rid us of these things once and for all. Using traps, poison, and even introducing a disease, all dogs were finally eradicated from Tulao'otupu. For a while, their rotting bodies, unseen because they were up in the hills in the jungle, rose a stink. But, we were free from them.

Whew! Now that's all I'm going to write on that! I'm just glad it is over, and Tulao'otupu has been purified.

During that and afterward, the matter of the government of Shasheer had to be settled now that we indeed were going to be our own nation. Up until then, Alex and Nguyen Hue Bich were in control. Way long ago early on, Alex was leading some things. But a major characteristic of Shasheerians is that we don't take men seriously. Nguyen Hue Bich had no choice but to take over. Many of the ideas were hers anyway. So after a time, she slowly sort of became "chairman" of "Shasheer." But now we had to nail government down into an efficient body since they would be essentially unpaid.

With Alex's secret suggestions to his beloved Nguyen Hue Bich, and with her "force" behind it, we all decided to take an exact copy of the Constitution of the United States and make it the Constitution of New Shasheer as well! We did only minor changes to reflect modern times. We put in rules against electronic spying. Although we argued a lot over it, rules against law suits were discussed. There was a lot of compromising, but the ability to sue in Tulao'otupu is extremely limited. The ban against cars was made a part of our constitution. The import, keeping, breeding, and raising of any kind of menacing animal was forbidden under our constitution. That clearly meant, no big dogs!

And finally, the Second Amendment was deepened, and made stronger and impervious to any argument against it. We believe that the founding Fathers of United States put in the Second Amendment because they felt anyone should have the right to protect themselves and to keep government at bay. Let's face it, governments are always getting out of control. The only way to keep them "for and of the people" is, quite frankly, with the potential of the eventuality of force. And this force in the people's hands must not be compromised in any way. Therefore, all people were allowed to buy and own any kind of weapon, military level or not, that they could muster. The only law we included was that, for anything like fully automatic weapons and on up, the mental background of the buyer be checked out, and that they must receive and pass basic training on that weapon before they pick it up. The gun sellers that set up businesses on our island got to where they normally included the price of training in the price of the gun.

So our people could buy anything in the way of weapons. This not only included any kind of fully automatic (machine gun), but things like hand-grenades, grenade launchers, shoulder-mounted missile launchers, bazookas, and even heavy artillery. However, some of these things cost tens of thousands of dollars, so very few people got them. One of my girl friends bought a shoulder-mounted missile launcher, but shit, I don't know what the hell she uses it for! She went through the training, which is done in a certain weapons training area on the island. She had to pay for each of the practice missiles she launched, and they ain't cheap. After the training was over, she took the unit home and it sits there in her living room like some kind of trophy, but it is never used. She has 3 live missiles for use with it in her basement. I know of some others who have bought these extreme weapons. Some gals have a number of hand-grenades stashed away. I think I'll just leave those things to Nguyen Hue Bich's militia (a sort of Tulao'otupu army). More on that, later.

Okay, so back to the formation of government. It was a simplified form of the United States system. But it had scaled down versions of the executive branch, judicial branch, and legislative branch.

Well, so we had to hold elections! What a clown act that was. Excluding all the lack of preparation and confusions, the candidates were certainly not who you would be used to. Naturally, of course, they were all women.

After a lot of fits and starts, an election finally got underway, led of course by the campaigning.
It was bizarre in all the levels of elections, but we will just concentrate on the presidency. Well, three candidates entered, no particular party. There was Sarah, Denise, and none other than Nguyen Hue Bich. Sarah was from United States and was 6-feet-6 at 260 pounds and really muscular. She campaigned nude or wearing a teensy g-string. She was always topless. She had blond hair cut "Dutch-boy" style with bangs to her eyes. Denise, from Canada, was part Black, (Afro-Canadian I guess you would say) and stood 6-feet-7 at 280 muscular pounds. She always wore a gleaming snow-white Brazilian-cut bikini bottom which accentuated her awesomely sculpted butt to the maximum, and nothing else. She was always topless. She had coal-black hair cut in a stereo-typical "Cleopatra" way. And next to those two leviathans, was the relatively delicate, graceful Nguyen Hue Bich who usually campaigned in her long-sleeved modified ao dai although she sometimes wore the sleeveless ones. She always sported that Vietnamese farmer's hat. She usually wore high-heels. The other two candidates went barefooted.

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