Tulao'otupu, New Shasheer - 2

Not a bad meal, eh? Fresh fish, cooked over an open fire, and fresh coconut with coconut juice to drink. All provided by her, Flower. Had I been on my own, I would have still been boiling k-rations and drinking muddy water, laced with whatever chemical that is in those "water purification tablets." Flower was indeed taking care of me very well!

After she buried the bones, she took the pans we ate out of and smiled at me with one of her sidelong glances and said, "Alexsa, come with me!"

She took the pot and pans to the surf to wash them out as best as she could, and to wash her hands and face... as did I. Remember, no facilities; no running water and the like. She hung the pots to drip and blow dry (from the constant wind) and then she pulled at my hand to come with her.

She simply, merely wanted to walk on the beach with me. Like, no problem! Golly! There I was, on a tropical island that, apparently and for the time being, was all to ourselves. I was with a tall, gorgeous, athletically endowed tan gal with long, smooth, flowing black hair and beautiful oriental face. And she was naked, I nearly so, and she was horny. Man! Despite the, in theory, unfavorable conditions, I certainly was in 7nth heaven at that point!

And she was aggressive, which is great for me, for I tend to by shy and submissive. She was the first to put her arm around me and pull me close as we walked. Only then did I put my arm around her. Good gad-a-mighty I was enjoying that! Of course, with the presence of a boiling-hot, souped up Asian chick like that, I grew another hardon that felt like it was going to explode. It got in the way. It was distorting my underwear, raising a tent in it and all. And don't think she didn't see it.

She stopped me a minute and took the hem of that underwear and lifted it up and over that virtual rod that was almost up to my navel. She cooed, "You not need this little cloth..." and slipped it down. She indicated for me to step out of it. Then, she wore it! Yeah, just slipped it up her miles of shapely legs and settled it over her wide, muscle-laced hips. Man, she stretched those undies to its limits. In particular, her ample, shapely butt filled it out tight. In front, her swollen labias filled the same space my cock would have.
Flower giggled, "Fancy fancy clothes for me! Right not right?"
Wracked with libido, I chuckled out "Yeah!..."

Then she held my throbbing cock with her fingers wrapped around it and her thumb at the tip. Clear prefuck juice was welling up from the tip which got on her thumb. Giggling, she cooed, "Little cloth press this, bother you. No wear little cloth! Not bother you! My hand no bother you too!"
Then she released my cock, took up her place by my side with her arm around me and urged me to resume walking.

I literally suffered with that cock which was up and hard as steel, throbbing literally painfully! No kidding! She just giggled and gently yanked me around. Her tits were poking out hard, and the area of what had been my undies which was over her labias was getting wet. Both of us wanted to fuck so bad we could taste it.

Suddenly, with a lot of giggles, Flower broke into a run, and a fast run at that. She beckoned me to chase. With my cock pounding my stomach, I ran after her. Man she can move. That muscular butt of hers and those long, muscle-laced legs made her go fast! I couldn't quite keep up!

Slowing sometimes to let me catch up, she led me all the way around the island, mostly running. We passed my abandoned ejection capsule and continued running. We didn't stop until we arrived back to the clearing in the woods where she had her camp.

Laughing and giggling, the playful Flower splashed into the water and then dropped into it where it was about 2 feet deep. I followed and sat down on the sandy bottom with her, facing her. My cock had finally softened down.
Panting and puffing but giggling, she said, "Is better now? Your there not bother you?", she pointed underwater at my cock which was submerged in that 2 feet of water.
"Yeah! Better! Not so bad now. But it might get bad again later. You're so beautiful, Flower! Fantastically beautiful!"
"That is why me run! Run fast, run long road, then your there not bother. If there bother you... again, I tell you run again."
She then laughed heartily, a beautiful sounding laugh.

I have to hand it to her, she figured out a good way to get my cock to simmer down. She also seemed to be doing it for herself as well, as she was similarly effected.

So we sat in the water and cooled off. Flower splashed me some, laughing as she did so.

But after all that work she did to get my cock to simmer down, which worked, then she messes up again! Now, in the water like that, we were just facing each other. But then she scooted over and around and snuggled up tightly to my side and put her arm around me. "You so pretty!", she cooed. Agh! Then my cock started getting hard again. Then her fingers played with it again! Gees, woman! But the thing is, you see, she was horny too.

Keeping occupied and busy is the best way to fight horniness if, for some reason of morality, fear of STDs, or pregnancy, sex is not advisable.
Flower rose up from our comfortable spot in 2 feet of water which was quite agreeable in temperature. She said, "Me get fish again. Me cook for you again! We big eat 2 times a day is good. Also some eat coconut. Come with me, Alexsa..."

She pulled at my hands and pulled me up. Man, she is surprisingly strong. Anyway I rose with a big, engorged cock flopping at my stomach. My underwear, now on her, was soaked of course and plastered enticingly to her well built body. A deep crease was visible in the front where it stuck to her huge, swollen labias.
Flower led me to her clearing and ordered with a big impish smile, "You lay on hammock, not look me. I get fish. You want coconut?"
"Uh... sure!", I replied. I hesitated only because I didn't want to trouble her. But I think she was looking for something physical to do so she could calm down her own labias and tits.

I know she was trying, but she kept doing stuff that turned me on. Some things I think she did not even know turned me on.
She stripped off my underwear from her on body, giggling, "This little cloth bother me too!"

Yes! (pant, pant), I guess it would! I don't know how women feel things like that, but those undies had been hugging awfully tight to her labias. If that is anything like a cock, yes, that would have been stimulating her!

Anyway, her saying that and then seeing her peel and strip it off did NOT help me in my struggle with my angry cock!
Anyway, after she stripped the undies off and hung them on a branch to dry, she proceeded into the jungle a bit to retrieve a coconut. My cock and I both "drooled" over her statuesque, gorgeous brown body as she went through her motions.

This time when she used the steak to help start the stripping off of the coconut's husk, she turned her back to me. Like, was that supposed to help? Because then I could gaze upon her v-shaped back and wonderfully sculpted "bubble" butt. Those swollen (erected?) labias could be clearly seen from the rear as she spread those muscular legs for a good stance.

Well she slammed that coconut down onto the steak, beginning the split. Her strong hands and arms did the rest, ripping the husk off and recovering the coconut. Then she came back into the clearing and in the manner of before, chipped the front of the coconut, drained the juice, then whacked it in half. She gave half the juice and the half coconut to me to enjoy. She glanced at my throbbing cock and giggled, "Me tell you not look me!"
"Okay, okay!", I chuckled as I took the coconut from her. She gathered some stuff that she used to fish with and said, "I go now, get fish. I cook for you! You rest now!" Laughing, she shook her finger at me and ordered, "Not look me!"
Giggling, she strode off; big, sweeping, confident strides with her hips swaying. Not look indeed!

Well, I had to battle that engorged monster between my legs myself. Trying to ignore it is like trying to ignore a piano falling on your head. But the delicious coconut helped.
I could see that rascal through the trees and scrub as she set up for fishing. I tried not to look. Apparently she was not going to allow sex at this time, so I had to live with it. After finishing the coconut meat and juice, I laid back into the hammock and closed my eyes. I tried to let the sound of the wind in the woods and the sound of far away surf along with the caressing of the wind lull me to sleep. That thing throbbed away painfully for some time but... finally simmered down. I actually did finally fall asleep.

As before, I was awakened when she came in with 2 big fish and began setting up to cook. She smiled and asked, "Why you not finish this one?" She indicated the other half of the coconut and the juice.
I replied, "I thought that was for you."
"Ah! But me go get fish! It for you! Me give half... for you... easy hold!"

Her English is a bit hard to follow at times. She meant that she gave me half merely for my convenience of holding that one half. She apparently meant for me to finish that, then pick up and eat the other one.

She added, "Later, me get one more this type for you and me. You pretty Alexsa! I take care of you!"

I chuckled with her. She giggles so pretty.

"Now, come with me, Alexsa! Help get this type...", Flower ordered as she held up a branch.
Yes, firewood gathering time! So I accompanied her in the woods and gathered up several branches and sticks.

So I ended up enjoying another scrumptious meal of open-fire-cooked fish. She gathered another coconut, husked it and prepared it for me and her. I still had that other half to finish from earlier. I offered her to have half of that but she insisted I have it. Feeling a bit like a heel because she was doing considerable amounts of tasks while I basically rested, I insisted some more. Finally she agreed to have half. She dug out about half the flesh and put it in my half.

By this time it was getting dark. She tugged at my hands to invite me to go with her to the surf to clean up. After that, it was another hike under the stars...

My, my, my! This has turned into an out and out romantic occurrence. Whoda thunk in a million years that a tangle with a North Vietnamese fighter pilot would lead to this? Had someone, say, a psychic, told me this was going to happen, I would have thought he had been smoking too many of those poppies!

But yet, there I was. My arm around her firm, lean waist, her arm firmly around mine, and she is burning up with lust... The darkness made it difficult to see her labias, but they were engorged probably. I had a rod in front of me the whole time. Oh, and I didn't wear back the underwear. I was going to a number of times but she stopped me. Now I'm glad I didn't have them. Indeed, the pressure on the tip of an engorged cock just makes it much worse.

She knew I was struggling with it, and so was she. Flower did a pretty good job at distracting me from it sometimes. Three separate times (not in a row), she broke into a pretty fast run, obliging me to follow. She circumnavigated the whole island each time. That's like, little over two miles. After each time doing it, my cock would be relaxed. But then we would sit in about a foot or two of water to cool off and she would press up next to me. Then it would just rocket up harder than a golf ball again. Then she caressed it with her fingers.

Finally after that third time running around the island, we sat in the water a bit but she did not scoot up close to me. Then she invited, "We sleep now, Alexsa!"

She pulled at my hands to get me up, and with arms around each other's waist, we proceeded on to her clearing. My cock began to pick up a little at that time, but when we got to the clearing, I was feeling the result of having run a total of 8 miles that day, and all the other stuff.
She put me in the hammock again. But this time I insisted, "If it rains, come here and join me, together!"
Flower giggled, "Me want join you now! But your there change hard! Then, you not can sleep!"
Translation: I want to join you now! But your cock will become hard! Then you will find it hard to sleep!
I know, I know, hard to follow her speech sometimes.

She added, "If rain, me join you!"

So she slept on her mats on the ground and I slept in the hammock. That cock throbbed hard as a rock for a whole hour before it simmered down, mostly due to my absolute exhaustion. I slept well after that.

I was awakened by a hard, driving rain... and by Flower indeed, climbing in the hammock with me. Ooo, that was welcomed!

"Me sleep with you, Alexsa!", she cooed.

Ooo boy! Here we go!

I tried to let my groggy sleepiness stop any erections. But I could feel her heat. I could literally feel her horniness. First of all, her tits impinged on my arm and chest, and they were very much raised and hard. She assumed a position on her side with her butt out and her legs straddling my body. My hip was pressed against her labias which were sopping wet. And... she was humping a bit; yes, sliding her labias up and down my hip. She moaned and cooed, and mumbled some things in Vietnamese. Her arms embraced me. Well, that darned erection came back with a vengeance. And of course, her fingers began caressing it.

She humped and huffed, and could not settle down. Finally she invited, giggling, "We walk in rain! Then sleep!"

Hah-hah! That rascal! So she dragged me out of the hammock and in that pouring down rain and went to the beach where we walked and ran and carried on. The rain was refreshing, not cold at all.

The rain tapered off and moved on. You could look up into the sky and clearly see where the clouds were. It was clear overhead now. Stars twinkled brightly.

At that point, we were half way around the island, so we ran the rest of the way. We returned to the clearing. She laid on her wet mats and I laid on a wet hammock. After another struggle with my cock, I finally fell asleep.

The next day began with me waking up with a pounding, painfully hard erection. It was already pretty late. I had no watch or clock but it seemed like maybe 10 a.m. I looked around for blessed Flower. Ah, there she was, at the beach, "getting" fish. Then I saw a piece of ripped paper with words scrawled across it that said, "For you" and an arrow pointing downward. It was apparently written with a piece of charred wood from yesterday's fire. Underneath the cover was two halves of a coconut and a cup with coconut milk. That sweet Flower warmed my heart so! And that damned cock of mine pounded even harder. I couldn't even bend over to get the coconut half without that thing poking me in the stomach, and leaving a wet spot.

As I ate, I gazed over through the sparse trees and brush at the gorgeous, naked Flower going through the motions of fishing. I'm not sure what method she was using; netting, or line. Maybe both. Sometimes it looked like she was just dancing or something.

I finished the half of coconut and thought I was being selfish to eat the other half too. I was going to take it to her. But I desired to not keep running around naked, so I took my underwear from that branch where they had been hanging. They were clean and dry, but a bit "sea scented"... which was not bad. But I just could not put them on over that dam cock. It was like a thick rod sticking up almost entirely to my navel. It wouldn't go down! The tip of it kept dripping prefuck juice. Anything touching it just made it burn and ache worse. So, okay, okay! Gees! Forget it! I gave up the underwear and put it back on the branch.

I took a clean spoon and the other half of coconut and walked on out there to join Flower on the beach.
One look at me and she smiled so big and radiant! I saw her glance down at my throbbing cock a few times. She smiled and giggled impishly.

"Good, good in the morning, pretty Alexsa!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "You like not like that one?" (referring to the coconut).
"Yes! I like! It's very good! I already ate one. I thought you might like this one! Here..."

That sweet, impish rascal took the coconut and spoon alright, but ordered me, "Alexsa! Come to me!"
Which I did!

She then proceeded to hand feed me the coconut meat. She spooned it out and jammed it to my mouth.
"But I meant it to be for you!", I insisted.
"Alexsa! You obey me!", she ordered with an impish giggle.
"But", I began...
"You need this!", she demanded with a bright smile, referring to the coconut, "Me eat fish soon. You eat fish too soon. Now, there is fish, there...", she pointed out over the water. "You help!", she ordered as she set the coconut and spoon down.
"Okay! Sure!", I enthusiastically replied, desiring to "pull my weight" around here and help her.

She procured my help alright...

Flower grabbed some netting or something and... and, hung it over my stoney-hard, throbbing cock. Giggling, she said, "Now, you back walk! Back, back..."

She indicated that I walk backwards. My back to the island, my front (and cock) to the sea, I walked backwards. I felt a considerable pull on the netting that was hooked on my cock as I walked backward. My cock was so hard, it held easily.

"Fasta fasta walk!", she ordered, giggling.

She was telling me to walk backwards fast in her strange sounding English. The tug on my cock became tighter. The only problem is that the netting was biting into the skin of my cock, but my cock was holding up fine. Flower ran to another part of the net and pulled it back too.

I'll be danged if that really didn't produce a large fish and some small ones. Flower ran over to them and recovered the large fish. She let the small ones go.

Flower secured the fish in a bucket or something then ran over to me, laughing. "This one very good... uh, uh... too... Good use! Good use!"

Giggling, Flower dragged the netting off my cock. After dropping it, she pinched my cock hard with her fingers. She wiped a drop of prefuck juice onto her thumb. She then rubbed it onto her flat, hard, abs-showing stomach, almost like she was anointing herself with it. She then released it and twirled away, with her long, smooth black hair flowing gracefully in a circle with her. Her shapely butt jiggled and her thigh muscles writhed. Good heavens, she was a prime specimen physically!

"Alexsa! You wait! Me need that too again!"

Twice now I heard her say "too." I was beginning to wonder what that meant. I gently asked that twirling, dancing imp "What is 'too'?"
"Not hear that word mean?", she sweetly asked, "Too is thing... uh, make-make... uh, fix-fix... um..." She also gestured like turning a wrench.
"Oh! Tool!" I exclaimed, finally getting it, "The word is tool!"
"Right! Right!", Flower agreed excitedly, "Me forget! Your there is very good tool!"

That imp grabbed my hard cock and almost like swung on it. Laughing, she exclaimed, "Very good tool! If me fall, me use this tool! help me stand!"

She pulled at my cock forcing me up close to her, face to face. I gazed straight into her big, brown eyes. She giggled, "This tool simr handle! Me hold you with handle!"

She wiped another drop of prefuck juice from its tip and rubbed it onto her stomach. Then, laughing, she twirled and leapt away. Her smooth black hair spun gracefully with her.

That word "simr" is not a misspelling, it is what I heard. I think she was trying to say "similar." So she was saying my cock is like a handle, with which she can pull me around and so on. Yes, her English can be a challenge to understand at times! But it is so dam cute!

Flower went back to her netting and set them up again, but a little further down the beach. She then picked up the coconut and spoon that she had set down earlier, told me "Alexsa! Come to me!", and began feeding me again. Mmm, mmm! Her sweetness is almost unbearable!

I hung around while she tended that netting. She would go into the water on one side or the other. I'm not quite sure what she was doing. It looked like perhaps she was driving fish to the net area. It also seemed to be baited. From time to time she would pass me and, laughing, give me a shove. A couple times she whacked my butt. She sure is a playful lass! At least I can say that much!

After a while she suddenly came running to me and tried to string some of the netting over my cock. But I guess the darn thing was taking a break finally, because it was only rubbery. It didn't quite hold when I backed up. I began to hold it with my fingers. But playful Flower stopped me and said, "Me make hard!"

Flower began an impromptu dance, wiggling, shimmying, with arms overhead, while giving me front views, side views, and flexing-muscle-butt views. Dang a mercy, that got it hard indeed. Giggling, she quit the dance and ran over to another part of the netting and ran landward with it as I backed up. So in that manner we netted another sizable fish. As before, she let the small ones go.

Flower laughed, "Your there very good too... uh, tool!"

With two plump fish in her hands, we proceeded to the clearing. I helped pull in the net and put it away in an area just above high tide. She cooked as before and she retrieved and prepared another coconut for a very nice simple meal of fish and coconut. Man! Always when she husks the coconut and then chips it and hacks it in two, she always makes sure to make a sexy show of it. With that awesome body of hers, a show it does indeed make!

After that it was to the beach and into about 2 feet of water to wash off and refresh. We then walked on the beach, going all around the island. As the day before, she could not keep her hands off my erected cock, so we ended up practicing that libido-reducing method of hers, running. Before it was over, we had run twice around the island total.

We kneeled and sat down in 2 feet of water to cool off. Later we strolled to the beach and to where she kept the net.
Laughing and giggling, Flower informed me, "Alexsa! Me must make fix to this", indicating her fish netting, "you go rest, or you walk. You here, me see your there, me not can... think think. You and not see me, your there not... bad to you!"
Gees, her English! By that time, I was getting better at understanding her. Anyway, that meant "You go rest or walk. If you're here, I can see your hard cock and I can't think." And I think the last one meant, "And (if) you not see me, then your cock will not be such a bother." Her positioning of the word "and" in that last sentence was confusing.

So what it was, is that she had to mend her fish netting because it was beginning to come apart. She needed me to leave because the work does take some concentration and she cannot concentrate with me there. Ooo! I'm so glad to be that kind of a problem to a woman, hah-hah! So she just advised me to walk or sleep and added, that not seeing her might help me too. So I agreed.

I replied, "Okay pretty Flower, I will take a walk. I'll see you later!"
"Okay, pretty Alexsa! I see you... later!" She gave me a big, beaming smile.

With very warmed heart and cuddly feeling, I began my hike. I looked back at her a few times. Each time she had a big smile for me.

Gees, I kind of missed having her by my side. But, give her some "me time." I decided to hike on over to where my ejection capsule was and see if I could pull anything from it that might be useful for her or me.

When I got to the ejection capsule, I began checking into the feasibility of moving the seat out and to the clearing for, perhaps, sweet Flower to sleep in...
Funny, we had not come here at all to sleep... maybe would have been a good idea. It would solve the problem of Flower sleeping on the ground even when it rains. Maybe she just didn't like the ejection capsule. It comes from something that was trying to kill her just some days before... 'Gasp' Oh! That's totally unthinkable now! Oh man! Thank the heavens that didn't happen! Flower is the best woman in the world! For me at least! (I should put that little provisor in there, after all, as described so far, she may not be everyone's cup of tea.) Also, the inside of the ejection capsule smelled funny. But anyway, maybe if I could pull out the seat and some kind of thing to act as a roof...

So I stood around and mulled over it some, poked at it, and messed around. Also I as thinking of any rescue that might be coming. I have my own little paradise here. I thought, I'm not so dang sure I want to be rescued. This ain't bad here! And I was thinking of this and thinking of that.

Then my thoughts and solitude were interrupted by Flower running at full tilt up the beach towards where I was. Man, she's gorgeous to watch running. Those big, long legs of hers! Her thighs ripple and her muscle-butt jiggles. Each stride carries her a long ways. And fast! She must be going a good 20 mph!

She careened around and into the area I was. Breathlessly she exclaimed, seemingly serious, "You look for gun!? You want kill me!?"

I was almost shocked! How could she think that at all? Even the mere fact she thought it upset me very much.
I ran to her, nearly crying, "No, no, NO, sweet Flower! I would never, NEVER kill you in any way!"

I ran up to her and without asking permission or anything, threw my arms around her lean, firm waist. My heavens she was solid. When right up next to her like that, her size becomes most obvious. I have to look up slightly to look into her eyes. Her shoulder is just the right height to put my head on. Which I did. I buried my face in her long, black hair untill all I could see is darkness, cast by her hair completely hiding my face. I whispered in her ear firmly, "I LOVE you, Flower! I love, love, LOVE you!

I dang near came to tears. I kept my face buried in her hair and held on to her firmly. I repeated "I love you Flower!" numerous times. I felt her arms go around me. She hugged really tight. Her hands roved a bit, mostly to my butt where one of her hands lingered and massaged it and grabbed it. Her head nuzzled mine.

In a voice somewhat quivering, she finally said, "Is okay, pretty Alexsa. Me wrong. Me funny..."
I think she meant silly, drawing from the context of her sentence, voice intonation and situation.

Finally, she drew me close to her side and we walked together away from there. I looked down because I did not want her to see my reddened eyes.

"Pretty Alexsa, we walk some, good not good?"
"Oh! Good! GOOD!"

She giggled which was a very reassuring sound for me to hear.

With both of us holding each other so tight until we almost could not walk well, I gathered my thoughts... That reminds me of a Buddhist saying, "Tie 2 birds together, and though they have 4 wings, they cannot fly." Flower and I were almost like that.
Anyway, I finally gathered my thoughts and said, "I was thinking of taking the seat from it... from that thing back there, for you to sleep on. It would be more comfortable than the ground. I was also looking for anything that you or I might use. You know, tools, sort of."
Holding me even more tightly, Flower replied, "Me not need seat. Me make something else for me. Pretty Alexsa, you not worry."
I reassured Flower, "I'll never go to that thing again, unless you are with me! I will obey you!"
Flower giggled, "Is good! You not go there. Bad place. Me feel."

That last one was a bit interesting. Could Flower be a tad psychic? Could there be a negative energy around the ejection capsule just because it was part of a... "war machine"?

Flower added, "Gun not there. Me throw gun to ocean."
"GOOD!", I blurted out.
Flower giggled at that, saying, "Alexsa, you very good!". She hugged me tighter as we walked.

Well, we spoke no more about it as we walked the rest of the way... home... Huh, that simple clearing in the woods; home. It was home... now. Well, anywhere Flower was, that was home for me.

When we got there, Flower pushed me down to sit on the hammock, and she sat tight next to me. Ahh, this is MUCH better I thought. I put my arm around her strong back and basked in the enjoyment of her presence next to me.

So there we both were, buck naked both of us, sitting on that hammock on a deserted island. (That sentence is an "imagination checkpoint." The situation I found myself in there is just so... extremely unusual that even I can hardly believe it happened to me. Many unfamiliar situations there. So I have to sort of "remind" from time to time as to what is going on generally.)

Flower cuddled next to me tightly. She cooed sweetly and felt me over. She asked in a quivering voice, "Before you say you love me..."
"Oh YES Flower! I love you! I love, love, LOVE you!"
Flower giggled and felt me over, cuddled, and her head nuzzled mine. She said, "Me love you, Alexsa! Me not should love American... but, me love you, Alexsa! Me LOVE you!"

Man! That was the best music to my ears ever! I had craved hearing that immensely!

Flower repeated "Me love you, Alexsa", numerous times while her hands roved over my body and cuddled. Naturally of course I developed a pounding hardon. Her hands roved all over the place on me at first, but then settled on holding and pinching my cock. She made kissing sounds and motions toward it and mumbled some words in Vietnamese. Man! I could literally feel her libido.

In a quivering voice, she softly asked (or just stated), "You want your here in me..."

Seems like she doesn't know the word for penis. When she says "your there" or "your here", she means "your (my) penis".

Anyway, I answered her question with a breathless "Yes!"

Hah-hah, she dam well knew that anyway. Not to mention she asked that before with the same answer from me.

Flower slipped off the hammock, causing me to raise up a some, and she knelt and pushed herself between my legs. She cooed and stroked my throbbing cock which had clear prefuck juice coming out the tip. Then she kissed it. Her supple, gorgeous lips wrapped around a third of it and kissed it. Mmmm, and it burned! And she did it a number of times. Gees, woman! That is NOT helping! That thing actually hurt!

Flower stood up and pulled at my hands to get up too. As I leaned forward to get up, my own cock poked me in the stomach about at my navel and left a wet spot there.
With her hands around my waist and slightly at my back, Flower led me to the beach. She beckoned me to lay on my back.

The sun was in my face making me squint, but not to worry, Flower got over me. First she squatted over me, straddling me at my mid section. Her feet were on either side of my hips while she was in a fully squatting down position. Her labias were just over my pounding cock. They were also extremely swollen and dripped with secretions. They even dripped on me, mostly on my cock. She then changed her position to that of being prone over me. That then shaded my face from the sun. Her long, smooth black hair hung from her face to either side of mine. It completely blocked out the sun. All I could see was her face and a wall of black, smooth hair. It was like being in a little chamber with her. And man! Her face... her eyes half closed, her supple lips kinda hanging open...

Wow! Man! She suddenly backed up, and then a most warm, soothing, and the most rushing, exciting feeling ever enveloped my aching cock. Good lord a mercy! I was in her! She was over me and I was in her! Gad-dang a mercy-sakes that felt unbelievably good! I have never felt anything like that ever up to that time in my life! Gads! I nearly passed out from the sheer intensity of it!

Flower began backing up and forward again, repeatedly... that is, she was humping! Her eyes winced and she moaned. She humped deep and hard and increasingly frenzied. Her eyes winced and she began out and out screeching. Her cunt was raking up and down my shaft furiously. I felt a warm liquid spill out around the base of my cock. I wondered if she had peed. But I was pretty sure it wasn't pee. It felt different. It was like... a lubricant. Her cunt was closing down on my cock tightly. Had it not been for all that lubricant she secreted, her cunt would had scraped my cock's skin off. Man! She was really going at it. Almost scared me a bit. But the overwhelming ecstasy that had me in its grip wouldn't let me think of anything else.

Flower's screeching calmed a bit while she continued furious humping. She blew and huffed and groaned. Once again, her groaning increased to screeches while she continued pounding my cock. The tip of my cock was being pounded against a wall or something inside her. It must have been the "top" of her cunt. It felt extra, extra super great. Then an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy blasted through me that I'll never forget. I lost it! Then I was the one bellowing and screaming from how good it felt. Then, some really weird happened...

I was in ecstasy, but I was looking down on us! I could see the back and butt of Flower, humping away furiously, and bits of me underneath her. Her long flowing hair completely obscured my head, and only my arms around her and my feet could be seen. I appeared "engulfed" by that woman!
And... I wasn't alone. Somehow, she was with me! We were... hugging... no, merged! I felt tremendous love... and ecstasy! Yes, gobs and gobs of ecstasy, more than I could take!

I became curious about this strange environment that I found myself in. The ocean seemed to be alive... there were all kinds of colors I never seen before coursing through it. Overhead, stars could be seen despite the sun. The sky was a weird deep violet.

Then I felt myself sinking and, "kaflop!", back in my body again and underneath a frenzied wild woman who was completely loosing it. Her crotch was slamming down so hard it hurt the base of my cock. I began to build back up to another one of those... releases or whatever they were. When that awesome feeling cascaded in me again, I almost blacked out but managed to "stay put". Good heavens! That feeling felt like it was going to blast my head off. I wailed in ecstasy, no not as loud as Flower. She was going nuts! Hollering, screeching, blowing, and pounding my crotch with hers, her hair was all across her face, she was sweating, and she looked insane.

This insanity continued a full 30 minutes. I released for the fifth time and finally, my cock had it. It finally went soft. She therefore was not getting any more stimulus so she finally began to simmer down.

Flower huffed and puffed and panted. Sweat dripped off her face to mine. I didn't mind! My cock felt numb and weird. I wondered if it had come off in her. I was unable to check because that 160-, maybe 170-pound woman was laying heavily on my 150-pound build.

But that was not the end of it. Flower fell asleep on top of me as I slid off to sleep as well. Later, she rolled off and slept next to me, her backside in the sand like me. Her boobs and tits heaved up and down as she panted.

After resting a bit, Flower advised, "Pretty Alexsa, we go to woods now. Sun too big. Not good we."

I couldn't move. I was completely spent, and additionally, adrift in the warmth of gratification. Flower rose to her feet, bent over and pulled at my hands and effortlessly pulled me to my feet. Gee willikers, she's strong. Flower led me into about 2 feet of water where we sat a bit to wash and refresh. Then she pulled me to my feet again to go. With arms around each other's waists, we headed back to the clearing. She shoved me onto the hammock and she laid on the ground... next to me, not over a ways.

I slept like a log for at least an hour. She is the one who woke me up. Flower said, "Alexsa, look me..."

Flower had that Russian-made radio tuned to, apparently, a Malaysian station again, and once more, that strange metal gong music was coming forth from it. It was a sprite piece, and Flower danced to it! She knew how to move that body of hers for best effect. Lots of sidelong glances, winks, and beaming smiles. Her dancing produced the effect she wanted; I hardened up.

With that accomplished apparently, she shut off the radio and pulled me by the hand to the beach and practically threw me on my back. As before, she squatted over me and then sprawled out over me. She backed that "caboose" of hers so that my rod poked in her hole, and she was at it again. Another 20 or more minutes were spent with her huffing, puffing, and then screeching. Whenever she screeched, I felt a lot of moisture spill from her hole onto my crotch. Of course now-a-days I know that to be a woman's cum. But at that time, it was all new and even weird to me.

Now I know that each time she screeched and spilled liquid, that was her orgasm. But I didn't know what the hell was happening to her each of those times. All I knew is I felt ecstasy from her cunt surging furiously up and down the shank of my rod, and it was intensely exciting! I just wondered how long she could keep it up.

Flower was a fucking machine! It took a long time for me to orgasm the first time, then even longer for the next. I enjoyed the build up as well as the release. She was something to behold. She was really enjoying herself to say the least. I think it must have gone on a total of 40 minutes before I finally climaxed that second time then "went soft." Then she had no more stimulus and finally calmed down. She lay on me a bit, huffing and puffing and sweating, then rolled off and laid on her back. I liked seeing the way her boobs and tits heaved up and down as she panted.

Once again it was to the water for wash and refresh, then to the clearing to sleep. Mostly I slept. She just waited for me. In fact she actually got to work fishing. As I slid off into deep, warm, gratification-induced sleep, she said, "Pretty Alexsa, Me go get fish and cook fish for you!"

She woke me up with a lip-sucking kiss. "Me have fish now!" she announced.

She pulled me up to sitting on the hammock, and she sat next to me. Her fingers caressed my chest and stomach and played my cock. She was trying to get it going again.
"Fuck you feel good, Alexsa!", she cheerfully declared. "We more fuck, good not good?"
"Good! Good!", I wearily said. I wasn't quite ready but my cock was. It began to pick up from her suggestion. Flower slid off the hammock and pushed in between my legs again. She kissed my cock a number of times.

Flower moaned, "Ohhh, this feel very, very, very, VERY GOOD inside me! Fuck you feel big very good!"

Man! That woman didn't hold anything back, that was for sure!
So I was yanked out there to the beach again where she squat over me, got into position, backed her big muscle butt up and had at it!

That woman will fuck as long as my unit stays hard. That's the simple formula. This time I had only one climax, then it went soft. But it took 40 minutes. That cock-eating rascal pounded and humped on me full power and furiously, as energetic as the first ones, for the entire 40 minutes that it took for me to climax.

When my cock goes soft and she can't pound it anymore, only then does she feel how tired she is. As the two other times before, she first relaxed on me, drenching me with her sweat and nearly crushing me, then she rolled off and rested in the sand next to me. Then it was to the surf to wash and refresh, and back to the clearing. Then she cooked the fish.

Flower seems to have boundless energy. Just that short nap on the sand does it for her, then she is ready to go. There I was, seemingly drained and zonked completely out on the hammock, while she cooked and... happily sang! Her voice was very pleasing, and it was a typically oriental sounding tune. Not bad at all! I was in and out of sleep as she completed the cooking of the fish and got and prepared a coconut. Then she woke me up.

Flower sat tightly next to me on the hammock while she and I ate. She just did not know enough English for conversation, so she just kept giggling and saying "Fuck you feel very, very good!" and things like, "Pretty Alexsa, you feel good fuck!", and "Mmmm! Fuck you feel big very good!"
Aww, she is just so sweet! She was so tight up against me on my right side, I could hardly use my right arm for eating. But I enjoyed every minute of it.

Okay, okay, so I think you see that... well, the dam broke, that's all there is to it. After eating, we fucked some more. Then hiked, frolicked in the surf, and fucked some more again. It was a fuck fest that day and evening. We literally fucked ourselves to sleep.

Flower slept on the ground that night, but up close and almost underneath my hammock. But when it rained hard, as usual in the early morning like about 4 a.m, she climbed in the hammock with my. Her naked body straddled mine tightly, with one of her legs under and one over and her labias pressing against my hips. I was groggy and super sleepy, but that rascal kept feeling me over and rubbing her crotch over my hip, making it wet. She cooed and kissed and... just about everything but sleep.

With all that going on, despite me being so sleepy, that ol', cock went hard again, gees, almost like it had a mind of its own. I guess it wanted in Flower's "cave."
Well she sure accommodated. Diddling the hardon with her fingers, I guess she couldn't stand it any more. She temporarily got off the hammock only to get right back on but in a straddling manner. Her legs spread across me and the hammock. And this is all during the rain. Huh! Don't think a mere down pouring rain is going to stop her. So she lowered her crotch onto mine and laid prone over me. Her face was next to mine and her hair draped on either side of my head "closing me in." Her cunt found my cock and sucked it in to the hilt. Then she began her furious humping and her blowing and huffing, and a minute or so later, her screeching. Then she would simmer back down to just huffing and blowing, then she would go through another spell of screeching. She was having orgasm after orgasm is what it was. Gol-dang! What a fucking machine!

As usual, she would not stop until I ejaculated and it then softened. Basically when she can't pound it anymore is when she stops.

She then sagged on top of me and rested a minute, panting and sweating, despite the rain. "Fuck pretty Alexsa feel big big GOOD!", she cheerfully huffed. She then squirmed around so that she was at my side again, straddling me as before, with her hot, wet labias pressed against my hip. The hammock assisted with that because of the way it "cupped" us pressed the two of us together. She thrust her labias up and down my hip gently while moaning and cooing in my ear. Gees, man! She wanted to fuck more. I was so sleepy, but enjoying every moment of this. I love Flower so much and all her wild ways! I don't remember when she slept, or if she slept, because I passed out finally into deep sleep.

The next thing I remember is being awakened by Flower straddling my body on the hammock and sitting on me, giggling, saying "Pretty Alexsa, not sleep now! Help me get fish!" She added giggling, "Alexsa, you obey me!"

Hah-hah! Was I still her prisoner or what! But I loved every second of it and I love Flower!

I dragged my sleepy ass from that hammock and stumbled over, just sort of automatically, to where my underwear was to put it on. I had been naked for a couple days now. But, guess what... She stopped me... OF COURSE! That naughty rascal!

While setting up netting, I kept glancing at her awesome, athletic body. Man, she was the picture of health, vigor, and feminine strength blended with beauty! It is not hard to imagine that body being capable of the things I seen her do and possessing the boundless energy she has.

Fishing, feeding me, frolicking in surf, fun in the sun, and fucking were the orders of each day for her. This little paradise continued the rest of that day, and into the following days, then weeks, and then even, months.

It did not wear down! I thought maybe she would tire of me. I thought that to her, I was a dirty dog, so she could just let her nastiest thoughts and desires hang out. If she got back to North Vietnam, she would have to become a proper, well-mannered, delicate Vietnamese lady again. Maybe it did start out that way... Maybe; certainly it started out that way. Remember that face-sitting. That was no fun! But it appeared she really loved me, and intensely at that. She did everything for me. And although the rampant sex simmered down just a little, I wouldn't say that 3 times a day on average is a small rate. Also, her own libido was unsatiable. I had to think of something to fill in the times that my cock just couldn't "stand up" to the task. Being so slim and lean that I am, my hip's bones are obvious. She and I discovered that if I lay in the sand on my side, she could straddle me and lower her smoking labias onto my hip and rub and hump there. That way she could go through all the orgasms she wanted. And go through them she did. An hour at a time was not unusual! She almost blistered my hips. I would have to switch hips every time. Her basic comment, "Ooo! Fuck on pretty Alexsa very very big feel good!" was heard often in various forms.

However, I did begin to wonder if this would ever end. Not that I wanted it to. I wanted us to be together always. How would I do it, I thought. She's... the enemy; a North Vietnamese bomber pilot; shot me down...

Defection... YES! Defection! She could defect! North Vietnamese pilots have done it before. They land their jets, after radioing their intentions, inside South Vietnamese airspace and surrender their craft. They are processed, investigated, and generally given US citizenship. Would the officials go for it?

One thing that might help... The way she and I have been fucking, I mean everyday at least 3 times a day, a baby is inevitable, I thought. (We had been at it just over a month at the point I was thinking this.) That would help insure our togetherness.

I was surprised that at least the Malaysian coast guard hadn't spotted us yet. But... we hadn't really been giving off any signals. We had not set up any signs, like big patterns in the sand. My ejection capsule was there, near the shore, but maybe from a distance it just looks like a rock, or maybe an old boat wreck. Her capsule was long gone. My automatic S.O.S. sender was long out of battery.

Now, how would I explain my defection idea to Flower? Well, I didn't worry about it too much at that time. But I really was in a conundrum as to what to do. Start making big patterns in the sand? Build big fires on the beach that can be seen from the sea? (Those are in the survival films we watched.)

One day when I was helping flower catch fish and it was quiet at the moment, I ventured, "Flower, when do you think we will be rescued? Uh, that is, someone find us and take us from here? Do you want to go home?"
Flower swung around and wrapped me in her strong arms and replied, and with quite a bit of serious passion I might add, "Pretty Alexsa, me never want leave you!"
"Want to", I corrected. (I had been over that with her before.) Flower giggled and repeated, "Me never want to leave you!"
"Then... you want to live here forever? Always?"
"Me want to with you!", she replied passionately.
"In United States?"

She thought a second on that one while she held me tight, then hesitantly replied, "In Malaysia? Vietnam not good for you. United States not good for me. Me enemy. Live at Malaysia. Or, live at Austrayia..."
"You mean, Australia?"
"Me mean Australia!"

Then Flower threw me onto the sand on my back, squatted over me then got prone over me and wanted to fuck again. Looks like she didn't want to think of that.
So it appeared that in Flower's mind was the same struggle of thoughts as in my mind. This little private "paradise" would be hard to give up. She was the boss here. She apparently loved nudity. I never saw her wear a stitch, save for that hour or so wearing my underwear as a joke which she never did again, for the whole time I was on that island with her. And she made me go naked too. By that time, we were both tanned completely, and there were no tan lines! I had grown used to it. And because of how often she wanted to fuck, or at least masturbate on my hip, that suited her just fine.

Well by golly, this went on for another month, and yet another month. Fucking, fucking, fucking, many times a day every day and still there was no sign of her getting pregnant. But I was sure it would happen sooner or later. That would help us stay together if Americans found us and picked us up.

You all might be wondering, what did we do all that time? Well, living under primitive conditions means you spend most of your time staying alive. Fishing, finding coconuts, cooking, boiling water, gathering fire wood are the types of activities that took most of our time. Any spare time was taken up by hiking and fucking. Flower kept my "balls drained", that's for sure! I could manage 2-4 orgasmic fucks with her a day on average. Other than that, she masturbated on some part of me, usually my hip. As mentioned, we never wore clothes.
Then, Flower started making me dance for her. She would turn on that Russian made radio, tune in a Malaysian station, and if some sprite tune came on, she would order, "Dance for me, pretty Alexsa!"

At first I didn't quite know what to do. I thought we would dance together. But no, she wanted to sit and watch me dance, like some sort of little "audience." Like, what am I, a male stripper? YES, in her mind! Actually, already "pre-stripped", she just wanted me to entertain her. Okay, okay, she does so much for me; I mean, I don't think I would have even been alive had it not been for Flower. Well, so I danced for her. I made up moves. She showed me some stuff she wanted me to do. I got to where I could do it pretty well for her. I would shimmy, "duck walk", do shoulder moves, arm moves, and whatnot. I just adlibbed. What do I know; I'm not a dancer. Never even had a date before, never danced. Rarely she would dance for me, but usually just to demonstrate moves she wanted me to do. Generally she would watch me dance, get aroused, then rape me. Though weird to me at first, I enjoyed every second of it!

After that long of a time, my hair grew long. Flower seemed to like it. Strangely though, I grew no beard. Just as well, they don't go well on me (my opinion). I had "preteen peach-fuzz" only, still at 19 and then, 20 years old. I'm not quite sure what was up. I paid little attention to it formerly. I never did have to shave. Now it was obvious... sort of. Flower did not notice, or at least she did not say anything. She just may have not thought of it. I didn't myself really, until I... well, thought of it one day, by myself, while hiking. "Oh well", I thought, "Just as well. I didn't need that now."
My hair though, was interesting; an interesting (and welcomed) change for me. It grew long, light brown, and wavy. Flower loved it. She ran her fingers through it. Fine with me! Her long, black and smooth hair grew longer too, but it was not as noticeable as mine.

Flower helped me trim it, mostly to keep the bangs out of my face and make it neat. She used 2 small knives scissor-like to trim it. Made me nervous, but her skill and touch were gentle, and she kept my hair neat and out of my eyes. She left the bangs pretty long, however. I wanted her to cut them shorter, but she insisted on the longer length. That rascal!

Conditions on the island, however, were beginning to deteriorate. NOT our relationship, the surrounding conditions. We were beginning to have a harder time getting fish. Mosquitoes seemingly "discovered" us. Early on, we got mosquito bites just every once in a while. There were no diseases carried by them since we were isolated and there were no other humans around. So it was just a matter of comfort. Usually the winds helped keep them off. There are mosquitoes because of the hundreds and hundreds of tropical birds that are on that island. At first apparently, the mosquitoes stayed up in the trees where the birds were. But they must have "discovered" us, or acquired a taste for us, because we began to get more and more bites. Both Flower and I would wake up with all these itchy bumps.
In addition, I was worried how we would handle a pregnancy if that happened to Flower.

After a total of 3 months and 1 week, I spotted a ship out there, on the side of the island as my ejection capsule. It was nearing dusk and I was on one of my hikes. I was without Flower as she was cooking. I had secured her permission. I just like to hike, especially at dusk. The island weather produces sunsets that are spectacularly beautiful. At that point in the hike, the sun had set and the colors were fading. It was then "blue-dark."

Anyway, so I was out there hiking when suddenly this light kind of lit things up a bit. Not very much, but enough to make me turn. (I had been looking over my ejection capsule, thinking once again that I could tear something from it that might help with the growing mosquito problem.) Anyway, some boat out there was shinning its light my direction.

Not knowing who it was, I picked up my pace and ducked behind the ejection capsule. The spotlight roved around the shore as if they were looking, looking, looking. Then they shut it off. Without that light in my eyes, I attempted to see what kind of, or whose, boat it was. It did not appear to be American. It had strange writing on it. Maybe it was Malaysian. Anyway, it sped off.

I ran all the way "home" (the clearing in the woods) to tell Flower about it. She saw me running in all breathless and giggled. "Pretty Alexsa so happy! Run like wind..."
"I saw a ship... a boat, maybe Malaysian! I think maybe tomorrow others may come and find us!"
Flower grabbed me up in her arms for a crushing hug saying, "We never apart! Pretty Alexsa is MINE! Never apart!"
"Right! Never apart! Whatever happens!" I vehemently asserted.

Flower had just finished cooking the fish, two little ones and a fair-sized one. Now we were almost too upset to eat.
As we ate, I tried to explain to Flower my plan. But she had a plan of her own, just that, she had a hard time telling me what it was.
It took longer for us to finish our dinner of fish and coconuts, and when we did, Flower immediately got to work on a device that turned out to be something she used to "lock" us together. I agreed with it when I realized what it was. Besides, I think that big, strong gal would have made me do it! We also promised each other to refuse separation under any circumstance.

After that, it was dark and we took a walk, especially to where the ejection capsule was.
"We put this in ocean!", Flower suggested to me of the capsule. I sort of shook my head and shrugged my shoulders as if to say "I don't know", or, "What good would that do?". It appeared that she insisted. Well, I'll go along with her for anything, but I said, "Wait for day! Now, sharks feed! You know, sharks? Mako?"
Hmm, "mako" is Polynesian for shark, I didn't know the Vietnamese word for it. But I think she understood. Generally speaking, I had gotten into the habit of speaking "special English" for her. Simple sentences, common words. Anyway, Flower replied, "We do it at early day tomorrow!"

We walked around the island a few times but saw nothing out there. Then we sat next to each other in about a foot of water just watching the stars and a crescent moon come up. Always horny, she began "bothering" me in sexual ways, got me hardened up, and pulled me onto the beach and, yes, there we went again. As I enjoyed the buildup and then release, I worried if this was one of the last few times we would be doing it together. I think she worried that too. Instead of just resting on her back, she rested on her side and tightly held me.

We slept in the new place we had been sleeping for a time by that point. It was in the scrub brush, on a part of the island most distant from the woods. It was very breezy and open. It was to get away from mosquitoes. The few mosquitoes that got to us had a hard time landing due to the wind. By that point, Flower had come up with a platform that kept us 6 inches off the ground, and there were some cloths and canvases that served as covers for if it rained. We slept tightly next to each other, fucking often through the night, or at least, she masturbated often on me.
But this night there was somewhat less fucking, and I woke often to sit up and look around. Though close to the beach, we could not be seen because we were laying below the level of the scrub brush. I doubt if we could be seen from a boat out there, especially at night.

I was awakened by Flower who was wanting me to get up and help, "Put that thing to ocean!", that is, push the ejection capsule to the sea and scuttle it.
We hiked around the island to the ejection capsule. With her strength helping me, we found it not too hard to drag it across the sand to the water. From there, we rowed it to a place deep enough to sink. We began filling it with water while we kept an eye out for sharks. As it began to swamp, list, then sink, we took to the water and swam straight away to the shore. We wasted no time because of our fear of sharks. There were many of them in the lagoon. We never went any deeper than about 3 feet of water, mostly to cool off, wash, and relax. If we saw anything large coming at us, or if we saw any tell-tale fins out there, we shot out of there like bullets! Oh, and that's another thing... I spoke of deteriorating conditions. I mentioned fish being harder to catch and the fact that mosquitoes seemed to have discovered us. But also, sharks were coming closer and closer to shore, as if they had begun to realize that we were there, and they would like to get a hold of us. Even in 3 feet of water, a "dog-sized" shark could come in with us. Its bite would not be fatal, but it could inflict a bleeding wound that would be a problem in tropical conditions without medicines and bandages.

Where we scuttled my ejection capsule was not that deep. When it settled, it was only 5 feet from the water to the uppermost part of the ejection capsule. The water was totally just 10 feet deep there. But there were a lot of corals so the ejection capsule was a little bit camouflaged.

With that done, Flower seemed more relaxed. We hiked back to the part of the beach nearest the clearing where she knocked me down in the sand, on my back, and raped me. Man, that sex hunger of hers is unstoppable. Even though I knew she was concerned and worried, she still got horny. I must admit, just about all the sexual steam had been blown out of me by my worries. Generally speaking, it appears that neither one of us were in a hurry to be "rescued."

Nothing happened that morning so Flower set up for fishing. Then later, after she cooked the fish and we were under the woods with her cooking, an airplane flew over. I ran out, taking care not to be seen, to see if I could determine whose airplane it was. I think I saw United States markings. It was definite, somebody was zeroing in on us.

Nothing more happened the rest of that day. So Flower and I went through our usual procedures. Had a little frightening thing happen due to our attention being glued to the distant horizon or skies. Flower and I were in about 2 feet of water, and we were stringing out the nets, which smelled like fish. We thought we had seen an aircraft. It was an aircraft alright, but way, way up there. It was probably an airlines jet, of no concern to us. Then some roiling in the water just yards away. It was a 5-foot shark. We leapt out of there fast, almost running atop the water. See? This kind of thing was happening more and more. We had to keep our eyes peeled.

In the darkening of evening while we ate our second meal of the day, I was lost in thought thinking just how we would "present ourselves" to the American rescuers if they came. One problem I hadn't thought of was clothing. We didn't have any!

Flower had been naked the entire over 3 months we were here! I had been naked most of that time too. She had torn her own clothes up to use them for hammocks, bedding, parts of fish netting, and other things. And I don't know what happen to my clothes. I think she had tossed them into the sea one day, but I didn't see it and I don't know when. I only had my underwear, still hanging on that branch. That rascal would not let me wear them!

"You think what, pretty Alexsa?", Flower asked me suddenly with a big impish grin.
"We have no clothes for when we get rescued... that is, picked up... found and picked up."
"You not worry, pretty Alexsa! Me make something!"

I... for some reason didn't like the sound of that, hah-hah!

Finally we went to bed on our platform out there in the brush. We fucked first, then fell asleep in each other's arms. That gal; she was always on top. Up to that point, I had always been under her. I thought men usually were over the women for that. But what did I know; I had never done it before. Anyway, it was fine with me. I felt protected and I enjoyed seeing her get so frenzied and wild when she fucked.

Well, shit, the fun was over. Dammit. In most cases, a castaway would be jumping for joy. But not me... or us...
I was awakened by Flower frantically waking me up saying, "Americans here! Americans here!"

I scrambled to my feet, stumbling around. She pulled me down to stay covered by the brush.

From there I could just see, way on the other side of the island, where my ejection capsule had been, some folks coming up in a rowboat. A larger vessel was anchored out there. They had to do it that way because the island was surrounded by corals. It appeared United States alright.

Staying low, Flower led me back to the clearing in the woods. After we got to the point the woods hid us, we stood all the way up and broke into a run. Flower led me to the clearing where she had some things prepared.

Flower put on a string around her awesome hips that held a pendant in front and in back of her. WOW! Had I not been so agitated, that would have made me hard right there. (Pant-pant-pant (tongue hanging out like a dog)) For her top, she really and truly used coconut shell-halves for bras! I kid you not. Apparently short on usable cloth, this was the easiest thing to come up with in short order. Using a t-handled awl of some sort as a drill, she had made holes in the edges of the coconut shell-halves in the appropriate places to thread supporting strings through. She was flexible enough to tie the string behind her herself, but she got me to help. I would have enjoyed that had it not been for the fact that we were about to be "rescued", even though somewhat reluctantly. Anyway, so there she was, with a coconut shell-half top, like some sort of ancient Polynesian woman. For me, she had constructed a string to tie around my waist that supported a flap of cloth in the front and rear, like hers, except that the front one was bigger. I suggested, "Maybe I should wear that too...", as I gestured toward my underwear.
Flower replied, "Not wear that. Is rot already!"
Yeah, it was, actually.

Flower then wrapped some wires and ropes around both of our wrists then locked it with a padlock that she somehow had. (Why would Russians put that in their ejection capsules?)
There seemed to be no key. We were locked together for keeps!

"Ready not ready, pretty, pretty Alexsa?", Flower asked, nearly crying.
I sighed out, "Yes... I suppose I'm ready. BUT REMEMBER, NO separating!"
"NO SEPARATE!", Flower affirmed.

Well, we somberly marched out of our clearing for the last time and headed down the beach to where the row boat was going, in the area where my ejection capsule had been.

A United States Navy patrol boat was anchored out there. A bunch of guys my age were rowing a rowboat through the lagoon as we approached. They could see us clearly now. They were pointing, and I, even from the distance, saw a lot of big grins! Ooo boy! Stand by for the hootin', hollerin', and jokes!

What a sight for them Flower and I must have been. There was that tall, athletic Flower, with long black hair all across her face and blowing free who was barely dressed and sporting a coconut bra. Who knows, as we stood there, the wind may have picked up her little flaps of cloth sometimes, giving an observer a glimpse of her "pleasure equipment."
And there I was, with long, wavy brown hair, similarly blown across my face. Both of us were darkly tanned, lean, and fit.

They approached on up closer, and a couple of them leapt out to guide and pull the boat to wedge on the sand. A couple others then got out to greet us. All were big goofy grins.

"Well, well, well", one of them jovially commented, "You Robinson Crusoe you! No damned wonder you didn't want to be rescued! Hah-hah-hah!"
Another one laughed, "With a 'girl-Friday' like that, he didn't need no rescuin'!"

Ooo, just think of the fantasies those guys probably dreamed of! I kinda didn't believe it had happened to me either.

I asked, "How did you know I didn't want... er, um, that is, the thing is..."
"How did I know you didn't want to be rescued? Just guessing", he laughed, then continued, "It was reported that each time any of you were spotted, you would hide or run away."
"Hmm", I replied. Well, he got me there.

"The first one that spoke then commented as he got closer, "Say, what do we have here?..."
He was speaking of the way Flower and I were locked together at the wrists.

I declared, "She is a wild woman who was already on this island when I crashed landed on it. It is our intention that we not be separated under any circumstance until we get to the proper authorities to process her defection. She wants to defect to United States!"
"In order to do that, she must be from a country that we are at war with, such as, obviously, North Vietnam. Now, she can do that, if she wants, and if she is North Vietnamese. But really, was she the pilot of that Mig that was found in the water?"

Other of those guys were really impressed with her.
"Look how tall she is!", one said.
"She's a real amazon!", said another.
"She's the 'Tarzaness' of the south seas!" said another.

"Was she the pilot?", the leader of them asked me.
Another behind him commented, "She can't be North Vietnamese. Maybe a wild woman, like he said. Why, she's taller even than North Vietnamese men!"
Another that seemed to be second in command added, saying to me, "You must be truthful if she is to be accepted as a defector."
The commander added, "She looks Vietnamese, despite her stature. It could indeed be she was the pilot. Oriental countries have been known to use woman combatants before, and her size and, seemingly strength, would certainly get her qualified."

Indeed, they noted her lean, trim, not massive, muscularity. They noted some real muscles writhing in her arms as she held my free hand with her free hand and turned partially toward me in a protective manner. Man, they sure chuckled at that. And her lean abs were plainly obvious as well.

"She been yo mama while you was here?", one asked.

The commander explained, "Two wreckages are near here. One, the fighter you flew, is pulverized in the rear section. It was obviously hit. You may have been lucky to even be able to bail out. The Mig, though bent up and ruptured in places and underwater, looks like it may have attempted to land on the water. There is no sign of burning or of being hit. Is she the pilot?"

Well, looks like those guys had figured it out. I finally reluctantly admitted, "Yeah, yeah, she's the pilot. Shot me down, then apparently ran out of fuel. I was about to run out too."
"How did you all become such, uh, friends?", one asked from behind the commander and his second in command.
"Well, we just had to deal with a survival situation. We put aside our petty political differences and we worked together. And... we became friends. I told her of America and now she wants to defect."

Actually that last part was not quite true. She never said she wanted to defect. I get from her that she is strong-willed and very loyal to whomever she is aligned with. That would be North Vietnam and now, me. I think that she did not really want to defect. I was hoping her desire to remain with me would win out.

I added assertively, "Look, we need to get her to a competent Vietnamese interpreter and get the process going."
"Okay, okay, big boy", the commander assured, "We'll see to it you two love birds stay together! Okay?"
"Okay", I agreed.

And with that, they took us into the rowboat and we headed to the patrol boat out there. Goodbye, private, idyllic island, the incubator of Flower's love!

Situated in the patrol boat and headed at full speed back to 'Nam, they offered us some refreshment. They offered a sheet for Flower or me to cover ourselves. She refused, and then so did I. That initiated some chuckles from the guys. But I was indeed literally used to being naked or skimpily dressed.

I felt out of place there, although somewhat familiar with it. They were in Naval clothes and boots, while Flower and I were almost nude and barefooted. Flower was comforting though. She sat close, pressing against me to the point of slowly pushing me over untill I was against a corner wall. That put me between a wall and protective Flower. That was kinda cozy.

While underway there was not much else to do. The guys would pass by as they did their duties and glance.

The commander when passing by once, "You two got yo-selves locked together good, ain't ya?"
"We're not being separated until at least we get to a good interpreter. There are some things I must make sure about with her and some things she, as well as I, want to explain... to each other. Also, she might be carrying our baby..."

"Whoohoo! Wow, man! Been gettin' it on, eh? Hah-hah-hah!", one of the guys bellowed, along with other hooting and hollering. The commander barked out, "QUIET, you 8-balls!"

That was another half-truth. I didn't really know for sure. But the way Flower and I had been fucking like there was no tomorrow, surely such a healthy and virile woman as Flower was pregnant for sure by now. So I just assumed it.

Once again the commander reassured me that we would be taken straight away to an office for processing and there would be excellent Vietnamese interpreters. He assured there should be no problem in us being together eventually, but there might be a temporary time of separation. And if she did have a baby, that would seal the eventual togetherness for sure.

The commander then asked me, "Would you all like to remove that now?", referring to the wrist-lock between Flower and I, "Just for comfort? You two can remain together..."
"No, that's okay", I assured, "We'll just wait 'till we get to some sort of base and offices."

"That'll take some sort of hacksaw, skipper," a guy said, "We don't have none aboard."
"No problem", he said, "I get the feeling that they are perfectly happy just that way", he chuckled.

It was no short trip. It would be nearly a day before reaching South Vietnam. We ate in the ship's crowded galley, and at night, Flower and I squeezed together onto one bunk. No sex there, we were within full earshot of the guys whose bunks were over us, under us, and across the walkway from us.
Kinda cool, though. The motion, the drone of the engines and rush of water were all conducive to sleep. Once again, Flower insisted on pinning me between her and a wall. I felt cozy and protected, but shouldn't I be on the outer side, kind of like, "sheltering" Flower? But anyway, because of the way our wrists were tied together, we had to sleep in those positions, mostly on our backs. For sleeping we did accept a sheet for cover. There was a draft coming through from somewhere and, even with tropical air, it was getting a bit chilly.

In the late morning of the next day, we arrived to a South Vietnamese port where we disembarked. The commander told us to remain on the ship. Everybody else except a few "skeleton crew" left. By noon, the ship was extremely quiet. Through the windows (okay, land lubber me, portals) we could see the hustle and bustle of the South Vietnamese town that the port was a part of.

Flower commented, "Home... but not home..."
"You mean because this is South Vietnam but you are from North Vietnam?"
"You are correct, pretty Alexsa!", Flower sweetly said as her head of long, flowing black hair nuzzled mine.
She took me up in an embrace including raising one of her legs and rubbing her cunt on my side. She left a wet spot there. Man, she was burning for a fuck even there!
"Ooo, we can't do that here!", I reminded.

Although we were alone at the moment, someone could come barging in at any time.
Flower held me close, breathing heavily, but managed to reply, "Me know, pretty Alexsa. Not can fuck now!"

Being in the military does have a lot of this kind of situation; hurry up and wait!
We waited alright. A nice sailor of the skeleton crew spent some of his quarters to get Flower and me some crackers and a small bag of popcorn from a vending machine just outside on the docks. He also brought a Coca Cola for both of us. I said, "I'll pay ya back as soon as I get some of my back pay. There must be a good bit of it."
He smiled and replied, "Forget it! Just tell me how did you do it, and we'll call it even!"

So I told him about survival on the island. There were some aspects of how I was shot down and the fact that she is the one that did it and of course the sexual stuff (except very generally) that I held back. Some stuff I would not speak of until the proper officials were present along with Vietnamese interpreters. Talking with him helped the time go by.

Finally by about 2 p.m., a bunch of official looking fellows showed up. With them was a Vietnamese fellow. They, HAH!, also brought bolt cutters and clothes and shoes for Flower and me.

First, they cut us apart. With a plenitude of reassurances that we will not be separated except, of course, when I have to temporarily return to the Air force base at which I was stationed, I gave my consent, and with urging from me, Flower reluctantly did too, to have us cut apart.

With my free hand, I helped guide the bolt cutter blades to one of the wires that had Flower and me bound together. It took a cut of that wire and another wire and then we were able to unwind it and free our wrists. With that off our wrists, Flower stayed protectively close, holding on to me tightly. There sure were a lot of big, goofy looking grins on the guys.

"It woulda looked weird with the two of you walking around town with your wrists tied", said one of the guys in an officer's uniform.
"Yes sir, I guess it would have", I chuckled.

The officer continued, "We will process her as a defector. That will include a couple days of interviews with lots and lots of questions from various people. Mr. Thiu here will explain it as soon as we have a bit of lunch and get to our offices."
"Ah!", I said, "That sounds like a plan! Especially the lunch part!"
We all chuckled heartily over that.

But then, they had to oblige us to do something about our primitive apparel. Those guys thought Flower's coconut shell-half top was cooler than ever, but it would not do on the street of that typical South Vietnamese town. Vietnamese are a conservative lot, and our skimpy, primitive dress would not fly, unless we were in some kind of show.
At that time, they presented some "main stream" clothing for us to wear.

The clothes for me were general purpose military issue clothes, too big and loose as usual. (See any of the "Sad Sack" comics!)
However, whomever did the clothes selection for Flower didn't do bad at all! Also, I guess someone informed that person of her size, because they all fit. Bra and undies were included for her.

Flower and I proceeded to the back (okay seamen, stern) of the ship to some isolated rooms back there to dress. I used a storage closet and she used a toilet room.

When Flower came out, it wasn't half bad! Of course, anything that gorgeous, statuesque lady wears looks good. The top was a crisp light pastel blue blouse with, well, what I describe as a "business woman's" dress which was kinda on the short side, hey-hey! It appeared designed that way, not because they missed her size. It came to about 3 inches over her knees. For shoes they gave her modest high-heel shoes with only 2-inch heels. That's all, more actually, that towering beauty needed! My gosh, she's already taller than me! As far as colors, the dress was light gray, and the shoes were light gray and shiny.

They gave us our privacy while we dressed. Flower had used a toilet room and I was in a storage closet. When Flower joined me, she asked, "Me not need these; do what them?"
She held up the bra and underwear. She was wearing neither. Wow.
"Uh, er, let's see", I went, then said, "Here, I'll put them here..."
I stuffed them into the ample pockets of my too-big slacks. There were so many sagging wrinkles and bunched up places anyway, a slight bulge in the pockets would not be noticed.

That meant that all Flower wore was the blouse, the dress, and the shoes. And she looked quite spiffy!

Well, so Flower and I came out that way. That's what they wanted. They wanted us to give up our primitive dress for something more or less mainstream with which we could walk around out there in the town.

As we were led out of there, I noted a couple guys looking in the trash can where Flower had discarded her impromptu clothes for herself and me, including her "coconut shell-half" bra. One of them lifted it out of the trash. I think maybe one of them was going to keep it for a souvenir, hah-hah!

It actually felt weird to be wearing clothes again. And Flower seemed not too thrilled with it either, but wow, she looked hot! She walked in graceful, long strides, her hips naturally swung, and ooo, a lot of fresh air was getting up to that "unfurnished" set of labias of hers. Well, it's hot there! She doesn't need underwear!

They took us for lunch first. Nothing fancy, just a good restaurant that had a Vietnamese soup for her, and hamburgers for me and the rest of them. She drank a tea, and me, I drank a cola as did some of them; either that or coffee.

I felt hot because the restaurant was not air-conditioned and I was wearing clothes. That's expected of an American in Vietnam which is a hot weather country. Ever been to Florida in the summer? Vietnam is like that. But Flower acted hot too; she kept fanning herself. Also her legs were spread and she would fan with the edge of her dress. Ooo, that got my attention! But I think that isn't "lady like" in Vietnamese culture. I guess over 3 months on that island affected both of us. Finally, one of the courteous restaurant staff set up an electric fan on us. That sure was welcomed. I thanked him as did Flower in Vietnamese. Hmm, folks kept staring or glancing at Flower. Probably due to her size. I think they were pretty much used to Americans because a base was nearby.

The officers asked me all sorts of questions about how I survived over 3 months on a desert island. I cast heaps of credit on Flower for helping me. "I don't even think I'd be alive now if it wasn't for her", I said. That would be of some help for her later.

After that, it was on to the offices. We walked all the way, and it was a lengthy walk. It was kinda hot, but I liked it that way. And I think so did Flower. It calmed her and me down. The traffic was quite backed up, and so I think we got there in about the same time anyway.

The office complex was air-conditioned, making that the first time I felt air-conditioning in months.

After some running around and waiting, things finally got rolling. Finally, a Vietnamese interpreter, Flower, and myself go together for a session.

That was something else to see! Flower was the tallest person in that room! The Vietnamese interpreter, a Vietnamese man, was maybe 5 feet 8. I was 6 feet even, maybe elevated to almost 6 feet 1 by my shoes. Flower rose up there at 6 feet 2 barefooted, but 6 feet 4 with her 2-inch heels.

Well to summarize all the chit-chat and all the other stuff, my idea of Flower defecting to United States was expressed to Flower. And since that particular interpreter worked for the United States military, he knew all about the defection process and what happens.

From the expression on Flower's face, I could tell she did not like the idea of defection. I was afraid of that. But the Vietnamese fellow himself told Flower of the good points of United States, and that they are not the big bad monster that North Vietnamese propaganda claims it is. He also spoke of the rewards Flower would get if she defected, including all the questioning she would have to undergo. The fact that she helped an American serviceman (me) stay alive alone would mean a substantial reward for her. Her other choice was to be a prisoner of war (POW). That meant, basically, jail. In fact, she was now, strictly officially, a conditional POW who was later to be officially put in my charge (hee-hee!). The interpreter emphasized that the only way she and I would stay together or get back together again would be to defect.

I can tell that Flower is a loyal, dedicated patriot to her country and is dedicated to their cause, be it based on communist lies though it may have been. Indeed, North Vietnam would be loosing a tall, capable, intelligent, and gorgeous contributing citizen and airman. I could tell she was struggling with it. There were several hesitations. She finally looked at me, beckoned me next to her (I had been kind of off in a corner to let her and the interpreter discuss things thoroughly), and when I sat next to her, she wrapped her arm around me for an almost strangling hug. She nodded her head and said some things in Vietnamese to him and, that was it. She had agreed to defection and all its terms. But man, she had a struggle with it.

Whew! Gees! So that hurdle was done. I was nervous about that one. That was my hurdle, one consisting of worry, essentially. Now it was Flower's turn. Actually, it already was, but now the hard part began. She was questioned by this officer and that officer. They kept her and the interpreter busy! They asked about the Mig 21, its weapons, radar, and all sorts of other "air-forcy", military things. Then they asked about her unit. What was its plans. What had they done. What was their training like. Who were the commanders, both immediate and above. How did she, a woman, become a fighter pilot. (To answer that, like many other southeast Asian countries at that time, they have no qualms about sending a woman into combat. If she's strong enough to tote, aim, and fire a gun, then she's in. Or in Flower's case, if she's capable and talented in the handling of a fighter jet, can aim well, and so on, then she's in.) Then she was medically examined. Surprisingly to the extreme, she was NOT pregnant. That one floored me. Let's see... some 110 days together on that island, and at least 3 fucks a day, that works out to be at least 330 fucks. And she didn't get pregnant? One or the other of us is shooting blanks. Sheesh! Well, a baby might have made things easier, or at least, sealed the "fate" of us being allowed to stay together, but it looked like it was happening anyway. Not being pregnant actually simplifies things.
So she was medically examined and found to be (no surprise here), fit, strong, and in perfect health. No sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and as mentioned, negative pregnancy. So she passed that with flying colors. I knew she would.

At the end of the day I was given official orders that I was in charge of the "POW" Nguyen Hue Bich (pronounced Winn Hway Beek), her actual name, until all the processing and interviews regarding her defection were done. It turned out that Hue (hway) means lily, and but she did not know the English for "lily", so she just called her name "Flower." But even though I now knew it meant "lily", "Flower" stuck in my mind. I continued to call her "Flower" and she accepted it.

That completed the first day of that. Flower and I were put up in a hotel. I asked the officers when I would be getting my back pay, and I would pay for it. One of them told me not to worry about. Fine with me... except for tax payers. Hey, your tax dollars at work here!

The hotel was nothing fancy. The room was not air-conditioned. Well, I was used to that, but I was also used to being outside in those temperatures, where there was a constant breeze. Well the room was 3 stories up, so opening the windows did help. Also, there were 2 electric fans.

We settled in the room at like 8 p.m. I was ready for a supper somewhere. But not Flower! She ordered, "Pretty Alexsa, take off your clothes! Not wear clothes now!"
Good heavens, I thought she would be tired. Uh-uh, not Flower! Her cunt was hungry. Her stomach had to stand in line behind her cunt on who would be served first.

She got me naked quick enough but she left her clothes on, at first. She shoved me onto one of the two separated single beds, on my back, and straddled me. Her dress had to come way up to accommodate this. So once again I was under a wild, horny woman with her black hair strung across her face and with a wild look. Her hands pinned my shoulders as she leaned forward. "Me want fuck!... Me want to fuck, pretty Alexsa! Me wait complete day! Me very very want to fuck!"

She was huffing that out and already humping her labias over my hardening cock. It started out limp because I was tired and hungry, but it was coming up now.
Well, that's all it took. I think she was waiting to see if I would "get up" so she would decide for a full fuck with me, or masturbate on my hip.

She sat back so she could take her hands off my shoulders and remove her blouse. She slipped off me and the bed to remove her dress. Then, naked, she got back on me, straddling me and prone, and then backed up the way she does to consume my cock to its base and then humped away furiously. That flimsy bed rocked and squeaked, and the objects in the room rattled. I wondered if all that could be heard in the downstairs room below us. Then came her screeches when orgasm hit. The windows were open, so I hope traffic noise from the streets below masked her screeches. As usual, she did not stop until I climaxed and went soft. Then and only then did she simmer down.

"Later, fuck more!", she huffed breathlessly and sweating.

She rested atop me for a while, then rolled off and, with her back against the wall, lay on her side next to me and held me close. I felt cozy and protected with one of her big thighs over my lower body and her arm and hair draped over my upper body. Then she did fall asleep a while. I slept soundly next to her, cozy in her legs, arms, and hair. Her labias were pressed against my hip the whole time. So I guess the big babe was tired, but her demanding cunt had to be "fed" first.

When she finally awoke, she woke me up too saying, "We wash bodies now, good not good?"
(In other words, take a bath.) I replied, "Good!"

There was no tub in the room, only a shower, but that was fine. And, we showered together. I think this was the first time either one of us had shampoo in our hair. Washing her long hair is a project, but it turned out to be a bit of a project for me too, since my hair had become quite long. It was nice to take a real shower, rather than splash around in salt water. Both of us needed to shampoo our hair twice.

With a big, inviting smile, Flower asked, "We go to... eating place and... eat late-meal, good not good?"
(We go to restaurant and have supper, okay?)
"Good!", I replied.

We had to dress in our original clothes for we had no change of clothes but it was passable. Everyone sweats around here. We went no place fancy. With Flower as a guide, her Vietnamese speaking ability navigated us well among the restaurants local Vietnamese go to.

We got some stares because, 1, these places usually do not have an American go to them, but also, 2, Flower's towering height. She was well taller than me, especially with 2-inch heels, and most Vietnamese are short. And, there was a third reason... It escaped me at first, but later it was explained. I had wondered why I was picking up an extra element of wonder/suspicion/curiosity from the other Vietnamese regarding her and me. It was due to her accent. Yes, though she was speaking perfectly natural Vietnamese, it was natural for someone from Nam Son, North Vietnam. A country town east of and near Hanoi, it is where Flower grew up and was a farmer in a farming area around there. Just like here in USA, people from different parts of Vietnam have regional accents. Though an American has no way of knowing, a native speaker of Vietnamese can tell right away that she is from northeast Vietnam, and probably a farmer. She probably has a readily discernible accent. So folks near us wondered what a North Vietnamese was doing here.

Anyway, we found a place and she ordered for her and me. It was some very good soups and other things, I have no idea what it was, but it was all 100 percent Vietnam. It was interesting.

Upon returning to the hotel, it was another bath and then more fucking. Both of us squeezed on one bed together, naked of course. A bit crowded, but I'll take crowded with Flower any day.

Morning saw Flower and me once again walking to a restaurant for breakfast to be done and to one of those offices by 10 a.m. for more interviews.
When the afternoon of that day came, about 3:30 p.m., and the interviews were over, we did a little shopping. I had finally received some of my back pay. And I was going to spend it on her! Surprised?

One thing I wanted to do is get an ao dai for her. What's an ao dai? Hah! That's what one of the officers asked earlier that day just before we left, when I said I was going to get an ao dai for Flower. Well to quote Wikipedia, it is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons. It is like a long skirt that is split all the way to the waist. When she walks it blows around in the wind and looks very lovely and wispy.

Now, Flower has been described as "tall" or "big." For a Vietnamese, she certainly is big. But interestingly, she maintains the same, uh... how can I describe this... she maintains the same "aspect ratio" of height to weight and uh... width, as any Vietnamese woman. Okay, lets explain it this way:
You photograph Flower with a blank, white background. The wall is white and so is the floor. The wall and floor meet in a smooth curve. Lighting is uniform. Okay, then you photograph a typical Vietnamese woman under the same conditions. In both cases, you adjust the camera's zoom so that Flower, or the typical Vietnamese woman just fills the screen. You then develop and print the pictures. The picture of Flower and the picture of the typical Vietnamese woman are both 5 inches. This means that the figures of both of them are the same height, maybe 4 and 3/4 inches. The backgrounds are blank so there is nothing to compare to. Both women would look the same. The same size and build. So Flower has every bit the grace and poise that Vietnamese women are noted for. Additionally, because she is so much taller, her movements are slower and more graceful. So she would look awesome in an ao dai.

I put what I wanted to do through the interpreter and Flower's face lit up with happiness. I think she liked the idea; both generally of shopping, and of the ao dai idea.

Flower and I visited a number of Vietnamese clothing shops where she did the talking. None of them had an ao dai that would fit Flower "off the hanger", but they could tailor one. We went to the store that seemed to be the best hope for custom tailoring, and they measured Flower completely. Some of the ladies had to stand on stools in order to reach parts of Flower for measuring. Anyway with that done, the ao dais, two them, would be ready in a couple days.
So that completed the second day.

There was one more day of interviews and one more night of this. Flower and I fucked with total abandon at nights. I think to become pregnant was in the back of both of both our minds. Or maybe it was just because I was more comfortable and rested. But I just could not get enough of Flower's tight, hot, wet cunt, and, as has been the case with Flower all throughout the time we have been together, she couldn't get enough of me either. Huh, I was fine with that!

Three days of questions and interviews were over. We spent a fourth day in that town with basically nothing to do. I was told to stay there and await further instructions. Flower and I got in a lot of fucking that day, gees, like 7 times full climax for me and numerous for her. We also did some more shopping, and, and we picked up the 2 ao dais that had been tailor made for her. Good heavens they were lovely when she put them on. I did the paying, and we walked out of there with Flower wearing one. Boy, did the heads turn!

But then, gad-dammit! It was over! One more night of vigorous fucking and then sleeping in her embrace, and the next day, well...

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