April 2011 Doings And Onward
Odd title, but, it involves just that; a theoretical situation occurring in 2011 after some Earth-change cataclysms occurred, beginning in 2010. NOT a global-warming story or commentary. Earth changes are of the type that occur from time to time on Earth, and have nothing to do with warming or cooling.
The cataclysms destroyed all attempts by the globalists to control all people by making them accept RFID chips in their bodies, and generally, any attempt at establishing an enslaving one-world-government. All satellite communications are down, communication, transportation and commerce with Europe or Asia are gone, oil and thus gasoline, has become nearly nonexistent. Transportation is by bicycle, velomobile and horse.
In the middle of all this, two struggling slender, fit guys encounter and are adopted by an awesome muscle gal, who quickly assumes care and control of them, becoming their "dominatrix". But it is a "believable" and/or "sustainable" dominatrix and "subordinate" situation. There are no chains, whips, being tied spread-eagle to posts and so on. But she does become their Mistress, no doubt about that, as well as lover.
With her help, she and the two guys find their way to a spiritualist (NOT religious) community, where people are once again free to invent, be creative and independent, with no more interference from numerous laws from a meddlesome government. The big gal and two slender guys have only their muscles to pull a fueless car and trailer packed with things over 400 miles to their new home and life.
The story is a bit long because it is involved, and takes a bit of doing to "paint" with words, the background situation of a post cataclysmic situation with no or little petroleum.
Generally speaking, the story is great for any man who fantasizes what it would be like, in a realistic, sustainable way, to live with a caring, dominant muscle woman... And I am assuming a lot of men with just that type of fantasy find their way this deep into this site. It would also be good for any woman who fantasizes being the caring, dominant muscle woman herself. (For that matter, I wonder if women do find their way here...)
The third part of the story is juiciest, with the most action and, for those who like such things, the third part has more regular sex and female masturbation, in addition to a clash between dominatrix types, and small amounts of lesbian sex.
The story is based on psychic readings transcribed to a book by Gordon Michael Scallion called Notes From The Cosmos. (The Matrix Institute site is here.)
A very strange and maybe, thought-provoking read.
April 2011 Doings And Onward
Joy And Cleo
This one is based on actual happenings. (Oh, and yes, it takes place on Earth, not "Shasheer".) The usual warnings here; it has sexually based coarse language and in a few areas, general cussing. The account quite realistically describes sexual activity, but far from such detail that it seems like a gynecologist's medical report. And yet, despite all that physicality, there is a liberal sprinkling of metaphysical star-dust as well as some shocking discoveries of a spiritual sort. Should make interesting reading for those who like: Amazons, sex scenes with amazons including lesbian amazon scenes, metaphysics, spiritual research and does not mind the rough language.
The Account about Joy and Cleo, click here
Amazon and Petite Discovers a Zero-Point Energy Device
This combines government-held secret science and a relationship between an Amazon and Petite and a lithe, fit fellow who lives in the wilderness.
For those who like big, huge amazons with frisky, fit petites, here is an account of an impromptu "lesbian-ish" relationship between a huge, six-feet-six, 250-pound amazon and a frisky fit petite who barely stands at five-feet-two. Later, after searching for a strange slender man who lives in the wilderness whom they found out about, the three of them mystically uncover how to build a zero-point-energy device which derives huge amounts of electrical power from the inter-atomic space. Such a device would put an end to electric bills and ugly power-lines all over the place. Each house would have a trunk-sized unit generating all the electricity they need, free.
A very intriguing story.
Amazon and Petite Discovers a Zero-Point Energy Device
A Shasheerian Medical Case
Ooo! Theres a nice looking guy there, lets molest him! For those who like to read, here is an account about a medical case that occurs in Shasheer. A sexually oriented problem is presented since, probably, many came to this site looking for something of that sort, I would assume. The account gets rather graphic but, not that intense. There is no violence, and as per tradition on this site, women are portrayed as always in control.

Hi! Come along, and lets have some fun! The case follows a Shasheerian Taqh man (since most readers probably are men, and so would relate to the view-point of a man) as he goes through the typical steps to see a Doctor and resolve his problem. You will see Shasheerian culture in action, with all the velomobiles, the way women and men relate, a little bit of what it is like living in a culture where there is only solar, wind and hydroelectric energy and many other little things all together.

The account is part tour-log and part medical-report told like a story. It will indeed, take you on a tour of typical Shasheer; it is a sort of mind-experiment to see what it would be like to live there. And finally, the account may be just a little bit psychically derived. This account just came to me suddenly, while I was relaxing and in a meditative state; almost as if it was downloaded into my physical memory. After that, writing the story was almost like transcribing diction.
Come here sweety and give me a kiss... and feel my muscles! It's kind of cool, the way the account goes. If you really like these amazon or muscle women, and their world (and I am assuming you do since you have come this far through all those warnings and that long-winded introduction on the last page), then this story should interest you.
Okay, click here for
A Shasheerian Medical Case
Other Stories
Having been put kind of down here at the bottom is NOT a sign that these stories are not worth reading. Following the link below will present a page that will individually critique each story. The thing is about those stories, quite frankly, they are more action-packed. Many were written before this "Shasheer legend" was "standardized", but hey, that's not important to a story!
Other Stories

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