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I have not given up rendering pictures, I merely have moved operations to my space on Deviant Art. There you will see my newest works, including 3D renders. 3D is cool! Pose and expression setting are a lot of trouble but a lot of fun. Anyway, see my space on Deviant Art and see for yourself.
ALSO... You will find out that I am NOT the only one in the world who draws muscular women. Look at the "friends list" on my Deviant Art space. There you will see many, many others who do what I do, only, (in some cases) more "severely!" Man, there are some that make "my ladies" look like little girls in comparison! So, see you at Deviant Art!


But the stories are still here!
I don't know why, but... they just "sit" better here. The sprinkled-in illustrations, the paper-simulated background, and so on, just works better here than on Deviant Art for some reason.

So, below, are some stories. Below those, are important links.

Warrior Miss Leisu - Fireplace Stories

Leisu the story teller Guest Writer 武蕾蘇 小姐 (Warrior Miss Leisu) Imagine this: She gets comfortable beside the fireplace on a chilly night and spins yarns of strange alternative worlds where sex is unfettered and honored. The f-word will appear hundreds of times, NOT as a cuss-word but merely as its original Anglo-Saxon meaning, that is to have sex. She peals off her blouse and later all the rest of her clothes as the stories move along, because the situations in her tales arouses her. Don't click into this one if the ramblings of a self-confessed Asian sex-machine will be shocking to you. (And I purposely use rather rough language to give you just an idea, so that you will know what you will be dealing with.)

Genie's Journey

genie-greet5-small.jpg I am always looking for "guest artists" or "guest writers". Well I got a hot-weird one here... Gosh, the way she tells the story, it almost seems like it really happened.
But could it be?
Wait until you get into it, and you'll see. She identifies herself as Genie. She has this sort of whimsically aggressive, or at least, assertive, attitude, both in the story and on the telephone. She did ask for and I gave her my telephone number to discuss how she wanted the story presented.
It's a travel-log, a sort of diary about a trip she took. That may not sound too exciting, but wait until you see what vehicle she used for the trip. And Genie herself is worth noting; six-feet-two when barefooted, or six-feet-six in four-inch stiletto heels which she often wears. She weighs 200 fit pounds, and says she wears brief tank-tops and micro-skirts without underwear. Her voice on the telephone sounds very energetic and strong. It sounds like the voice of a very big and fit woman. Her writing follows that.
Okay, go ahead and click here, go through the brief warning page and get right into it; enjoy! Click below...
Genie's Journey


Now to a selection of stories written by me. These stories are not as sexually strong as those written by the "guest writer" Leisu, above, but are perhaps, more bizarre.

Some date back to the 1970s, and some are more recent. One thing for sure, they will take you to a whole other world! Whether or not you will LIKE that world, well, that remains to be seen. You always have the option of heading elsewhere on the Net. You will read a bit of introduction; a sort of "back-story" to the stories, then a selection of stories will be presented.
Click below, go through a brief warning page (I know, annoying but legally necessary) and then on to the introductions and selections. Other Stories

Vistaprint com

Important and Interesting Links

If you have an art-site, and want it linked here (text only on this page) let me know: Email, click here.

To Angels-Inc
For impressively gorgeous and statuesque ladies of adventure expressed in art; go to:
Angels Inc Comics and Art on Deviant Art

To AngelsInc
Or go to:
Angels Inc Comics and Art Main Site

A site with stunningly gorgeous paintings which appears to have no charge for viewing.
The Artist will do commissioned art, so the site says.
Oni banner, The Santharian Dream
Santharia means epic fantasy world creation in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien. Dive into the most massive fantasy world you've ever encountered - at 2800+ pages! Fantasy art, magic, maps, pictures, free online RPG games in a whole fantasy world await you!
santharia10 thumbnail

Great art of Amazons, Wild Jungle women, Fighting Women and Heroic Women Completely free, (like this site now is)!

The Amazons Arena BBS, an immense site with content about and links to anything Amazon or about Powerful Women

Diana the Valkyrie A huge collection of art and photographs and stories about muscle women. Includes message boards.

Amazon Connection compiled by Thomas Gramstad of Norway.
It is a list and description of many, many sites about Amazons.

Would you like to have a site to display your art, but have not found a host?
Virtual Virtual Space Web Hosting
Virtual Space will host a "mildly" adult site, such as an art site. Click above to find out more, and/or contact them.

OR DSL Webserver .com, for those of you, like me, who would like to host from a home server. Go to this site for a very good set of instructions and guides on how to do it. It is highly advisable to have DSL or cable for this. A good bit of computer know-how is useful too.
If you can accomplish it, for only the price of DSL per month, you can host your site on your own server. This relieves you of disk quotas and rules (for example, no adult material). It is a great way to offer a site free. But be aware, a home server, even with DSL, might be somewhat slow to your users.

Erotic Art Of Lynn Paula Russell - Erotic Art by a LADY Artist and it is great too!

Jenny's Artwork Another cool site, this one is about muscle women no less, and, by a Lady.

The sites below offer good clean fun! All models are over 18. Everything is conducted legally and honestly. And there are no annoying pop-ups, which is always a good thing. check them out, for great viewing!

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